with a bit of research, that I could download an unadulterated by Yahoo version of Firefox which supports the new version of Yahoo email/calendar. Only glitch is when I add an entry to my calendar I have zoom it down a lot to be able to access the SAVE button. I guess it is the size of my screen, I just can't find the SAVE button in a readable size of page.

Thank goodness, as much as I dislike a lot of things about Yahoo, it is just too hard to change email addresses again. I haven't found one that I like the format of better. Just have to suck up the stuff I don't like.

Speaking of sizes of screens. I do like to watch WNBA (women's professional basketball) online, paid a nominal fee to access it, so I hooked up the monitor that is in the guest bedroom to my laptop and I can view much larger now AND the calendar issue goes away, I can see the SAVE button on that screen. Just have to figure out a more sturdy way to keep the monitor more in sight line when I am watching TV too.

I've been researching Marriage Registrant info again, got the courage to call a minister who has a few registrants in his stable. Do you think I could find the website? I was certain I had saved it to a folder I made. I searched and searched and ending up finding a different one that has 4 registrants. Two guys and two gals, two are married, the gal happens to be British. I emailed one of the guys and said I would love to be a Registrant but after much research realized that I need to consult with a professional (butter up) and asked if he would speak with me and/or mentor me. All 4 of them have their own websites, their links are on the major website. I have lots of questions. He lives close to me and has offered to meet me at the local Starbucks for a chat next week. I can provide a drink and snack for him for free using my gift Starbucks cards, win, win!

Some days I am bursting with confidence, others, not so much. I've emailed Jay Dee to see if I can get some EFT sessions with him, he is such a lovely man and seems to get to the crux of the matter quickly and fixes it. He is going to confirm he has an opening on a Monday afternoon for me. He used to offer a Energy Healers meetup discount, he didn't in his initial quote, I am asking if I can get it and I will come to his home in Vail, a 50 min. drive away.

Francoise, my SOC sponsor, has been very pushy. About me going to their property especially. I asked Kathy how it went for her when she visited. She said she had fun, it was almost impossible for her to get her van there, couldn't get it up the driveway, all dirt roads, some places severely rutted. She says F texts her a lot and if she doesn't answer straight away she slams here with a bunch more asking why she isn't answering. I finally emailed F and told her I would not be coming to her property any time soon and would let her know when I am interested in coming. I am going to outright ask her if she is making any money with SOC yet, if so how many subscriptions did she have to sell and how many distributors did she have to sign up to do so. I'm not giving up, just want to get the skinny on my ROI effort wise, i.e. should I be driving to realtor offices and dropping of cards/spiel.

Today I went to a Gluten free bakery. I should be avoiding wheat, but this eating program has me eating bread most days, so I thought I'd check out the bakery, see what GF bread is like these days. The bread is still brick like, a small half loaf unsliced is $6.50! No thanks. I did purchase a pumpkin muffin, it was edible but expensive.

Oh I did find much better turkey breast slices from Trader Joes. The ones I got from Sprouts didn't resemble turkey too much but more so than other so called turkey slices, they had pepper edges (read black pepper ain't so good for you) and it costs $7.99 a lb. TJ's looks like turkey breast, it has rosemary edges and is $6.99 a lb. Delicious with my sweet potato for din dins. I also saw that Sprouts charged $4.99 for the same amount of ready cut up fruit that TJ's charges $3.69 for. TJ here I come!