Now I can't access my Yahoo calendar on my new laptop. Not even through Firefox or Windows 8. It keeps asking me to upgrade to Yahoo's Firefox where they chuck in all their crap to control you, i.e. can't make Google a home page, some 'free' PC backup system that will cost me eventually. That's IT! I want to eradicate Yahoo, I want to keep things simple.

Tell me what email and calendar you use that you are happy with, please, to help me decide.

Good news is I meet with Michelle for the Accounting Assistant role next Tuesday morning. It is only a half hour from home. She seems to be in her 40s, has a great lil website and a flourishing business. I'm feeling so good about this one.

I need to add that to my calendar and I have 3 social engagements coming up. Finally settled on an early dinner with Jeanie from Mindfulness group on the 28th, cookie pizza for dinner, Yummo! On the 19th I have lunch at Outback Steakhouse with Terri from the realtor office. On the 24th I have 'FourTops Forever', a Motown show, with Pam from the realtor office. I am also checking to make sure she has company on her birthday, the 14th.

Continuing my heart filling today, finishing up Roddy's book.