bit the heck out of my arm.

I didn't notice it until it started to itch on my way to the pool. Today I decided to try the other pool. It seems a lil larger, it has 3 marked swimming lanes which are useless for my backstroke. It is shallow at either end and deep in the middle.

There was lady coming out of the pool when I arrived, another went in to just before me. The one coming out shampooed her hair in the outdoor shower. The one in the pool didn't say anything for a while but then asked how I backstroke straight. I said 'I don't! If I don't swim in the middle of the pool I will run in to a wall.' She laughed.

That was all the chit chat, I did keep moving in the pool for 45 mins. and had 45 mins. reading time in silence. Ahhhhhhhhh Only in the 90s today, I've got the front and back windows open, the cats are on the front porch, nice breeze going through my home, supposed to have a storm come through, see if we get any rain, I'm not counting on it.