Luckily it was overcast this morning so this flower was still out in its full glory!

Some of yesterdays flowers have hit the ground already, the others will drop off tomorrow. I don't see any ready to bloom stalks at the moment so that may be it. This cactus first bloomed this year when I was in NYC, I missed it completely. So I am rapt to be able to catch this!

When I was putting out the trash the gardeners came by, they were to take the bag of dirt and sharp palm base bits. I asked if they could put a Mexican Bird of Paradise in my pot. They said yes. I am not sure if they totally understood me, I should have asked 'Habla English?' first, not that I could tell them what I wanted in Espanol! DOH There are couple of dead bushes they are going to pull out too, maybe replace them in the near future. Hopefully!!!