There are few cacti still flowering in the desert.

This Hildmann's Cereus cactus blooms at night so I have only captured the fading flowers in the morning before work so far, my front porch light is out, I am not game to walk out in the dark to take pics.

A bit about the cactus.

Jim has been counting the blossoms sprouting on it, he got to 52, the most he has ever seen.

The flowers last one day only. The pot in the background had that sharp palm in it. Whoever put the remains in the bag, it was a hard job, the palm was completely root bound and it is a solid block of dirt, no wonder I couldn't move it and the trash men didn't want to. Christine saw one of the gardeners, they will collect it sometime.

You can see some of the beauty.

This was the best bloom available this morning. It was about 7 feet in the air.

The barrel cactus that have those lil yellow pineapple looking fruit on them that are full of black seeds that the birds love, they break out in flowers during the summer.

This one is in my backyard.

This was taken of barrel cacti in my front yard.

These were taken in Jim & Christine's front yard. A different color.

A closeup of the same plant.