WTH?!? Give me a swatter!

There are 2 guys in the office at the moment, the 2 most friendly and funny guys and we had a good ole natter. Evan, is super Christian, praising the lord all the time, but an absolute goof ball. He was saying all creatures are there for the eatin'. He chops the head off of rattlers and his wife throws the bodies on the BBQ. He prefers them deep fried though. Said he would eat anything. Steve said 'So if a big ole elephant was going down the road you'd kill it and put it in baggies in a hundred freezers?' Yup! Steve asked if Evan would eat Steve's dog. Evan said he would do it one leg at a time, chop it off, sear the wound, it can walk on 3 legs. Steve said he'd have to kill Evan and eat him. What kooks...

Got on to www.puritan.com this morning to order my supplements, acidophilus, multi-vitamin, and some things that the SHRED requires, Cranberry juice, flaxseed oil and Hibiscus tea. All Puritan Pride products were on sale 3 for the price of one. I got a whole bunch of stuff that will last me like 6 months for $70. I LOVE that! That Nutribullet is so darned easy to use I am gonna be having a Nutriblast everyday and be bouncing off the walls with all my new energy. Watch out! I'm gonna whip me up a nice black bean soup and a pumpkin soup this week. Bought a ton of blueberries yesterday, were fabulous in this morning's smoothie with a few strawberries, a couple of spoonfuls of vanilla yogurt and almond milk (that stuff is so thick and creamy, love it!). I'm surprised that my nose is not getting all stuffed up with all the wheat I am eating. Just had some goldfish (cheddar crackers shaped like fish), have a turkey 'n swiss sandwich piled high with spinach leaves for lunch. Umm ummmm gooooooood!

Mind you, I haven't been in the best of moods the last few days, just keep tossing out the useless thoughts and enjoying the present moment though and all the beauty around me, not letting it bring me down. I am reading a book where a guy said 'You buy a place for the view and a few days later you don't even look at it any more.' Not for me! I revel the beauty of my view and surroundings EVERY day!

There are some cactus that have flowers now, I got some shots yesterday and this morning, will post when I get home.

Off to do the paperwork for a few bills here at work. It's a VERY quiet day!