I'm swimming in the rain! What a glorious feeling...

The pool water was much cooler today, probably because there has been no sunshine at all today and most of yesterday. The sky was spitting around 12:30 so I thought that might deter folks from going to the pool.

It did... for a while. I managed to do a few laps, dance like a deranged woman and jog in the pool and well as just loll, floating on my back watch F18s go over, one time it looked like the lighting was mighty close to the back one, and listen to the thunder and see occasional lighting, nothing near.

One gal came in and a few mins. later her friend came in and the yakking was on! They got in the pool and walked back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth across the narrow part of the pool up to their waists in water. At least the yakking was pretty soft and not aimed at me. One had extreme verbal diarrhea and looked in to space, the other looked at her earnestly and interjected with "Oh yes" and "My".

I read for a good half hour before I needed to pee and I'd rather do that at home. By then the rain was heavier and the ladies didn't want to get their hair wet and were getting out of the pool. They had put their gear on a table right behind my chaise lounge, so another good reason to skedaddle.

It is just a noisy storm, no torrential rain, so I opened up my windows when I got home. Slight breeze going through, doesn't feel real humid.

I got a newsletter in the mail from The Hermitage No Kill Cat Shelter where I used to volunteer, they seem to have changed all their personnel. The newsletter used to be an email, I wonder how they can afford a printed/mailed version, they were going broke before. Anyway, the new Executive Director is a bearded man, he is covered in kittens in the pic. Handsome fella, no ring, loves cats, must be gay... Sweet Charlie, the vet tech I used to hang with in the 'hospital' and sometimes in the FeLV room where I was amusing the kitties, is no longer there. I hope they didn't get rid of her, she was really struggling driving 100 miles each day to get there for $10 an hour. Chance, the cat I used to sponsor monthly, is now Assistant Director and has a column. They adopted out 79 cats in June, the most in 4 years. They have a new program called 'Lease for Life'. you can lease a cat with a medical issue for a flat fee of $25, the shelter will pay for their medication and illness related vet visits. That sounds wonderful! I'd lease Chance, but he seems to hang out with the E.D. all the time now. Sounds like the 'shake up' is causing good things!

Time for some reading, I slept until 7am this morning, I know, AMAZING! Then just messed around on the laptop and other electronic devices, checked out GMail, hate the format, same with Hotmail. Comcast sucks too. Fiddlesticks! Don't know if I want to bother moving my 1000's of photos from Flickr to somewhere else, all my blogs with pics would lose their pics (I don't download pics to Ipernity).

I thought I'd killed my Nook Color, I've been looking at The SHRED eating plan on it several times a day around food and it got all icky so I wiped it down with a damp paper towel. It did not like it and lost it's mind for a while. Wouldn't even let me shut it down. Eventually it came to its senses, after I downloaded the Nook App to my laptop JIC (Just In Case). It isn't as much fun reading People magazine on the laptop as it is on the Nook Color.

I gave up on 'Brothers and Sisters' series, the mother and two daughters squabbling in the quiet room of the spa was the last straw, they were told to be quiet several times and then got kicked out. I kicked them all out too. Got a DVD to watch tonight 'The Sessions' with Helen Hunt, she strips in it as she is a sexual surrogate for a guy that was in a iron lung and wants to explore his sexuality. Sounds poignant.

Have good weekends, kids, I'll be a working popsicle again.