Seems I have passed the reconciliation test for the Accounting Assistant role. She said I did a great job and gave me some more pointers on tidying it up, I wasn't sure how far she wanted me to go with it. I thought getting it balanced was the most important thing. If I get this role Denise will have to be on speed dial if I have any hiccups or hopefully this gal will be happy to guide me in a cheerful manner, wouldn't that be a novel concept after the evil female bosses I have had before?

She asked for my resume with references to call, asked what days I could commit to 10 hours a week. I sent my resume again, sent it to her before, and I said I could commit to Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday afternoons. $15 an hour is great for Tucson, worth a commute. With this added income I won't be using much of my retirement funds at all, just for big emergencies, and when she grows her business and she needs me more I can give up the weekend job! ;-)

Oops I have 'cheated' on my new eating plan, the smell of the peanuts got to me and I gobbled up a whole bunch, another day I skipped a meal and a snack and ate a bag of Pop Chips (same amount of calories), don't tell the D Police! I still feel some lbs. coming off though, so I ain't feeling too guilty. I mean really, this plan is pretty good, how many do you know where you can have a grilled cheese sandwich? Mind you I didn't put butter on the outside of the bread before I put it in my George Foreman grill, but it still came out brown and fabulous! AND I can half of the double Snickers bar a day as one of the snacks. Not to mention the new and improved extra creamy smoothies coming from my bullet!

I had bought a green juice from Sprouts that has apple, kiwi and a bunch of vegies in it like artichoke (couldn't have been raw surely, those leaves are TOUGH), it was expensive but fabulously DELICIOUS! I wonder if I can recreate it in my bullet for a lot less $.

It's a gloomy day today, humidity is back up. Still don't get how 2 different weather websites can have predictions 6-8 degrees apart for the same zip code on the same days. Just don't need a thunderstorm when I deliver the 400+ stuffed letters back to Lisa this afternoon.

Not sure if I can get through much more 'Brothers and Sisters', there are over 100 episodes, I am in the 2nd season, but the bickering is really getting to me. The drama is getting almost as ridiculous as 'Downtown Abbey'. I mean how much can a Koala bear?

Have a swell rest o' the day! I must get some reading in, goof around on PCs too much these days...