and just a few degrees below bath water. Not a hint of coolness But it still felt GOOD to loll about and be weightless and lose my belly for 45 mins. or so.

I finally went to the pool just after 1pm today. Did a half hour of backstroke watching the clouds build. Twas so peaceful, nobody else was there.

I managed to read in the shade for a half hour before Toni came and ignored the fact that I was reading and proceeded to tell me about her trip to Chicago, where she is from, at the end of August for her daughter's wedding and that she told her daughter what she is going to wear because she is not buying a new dress and how her daughter didn't think she should wear pants and has a dress she can wear that is a halter and that she'd have to wear a half bra and her daughter told her to bring capris because you know how hot it is in Chicago in August. Yep, it was all said in one long sentence like that one. I escaped pretty quickly glad I got some peaceful reading in.

My skin is quite pink, I'm glad I didn't try and lie in the sun, it was 95F with a breeze, the breeze was lovely in the shade and dried me off pretty quickly. I shall go again soon once my skin has settled down.

The Nutri-Bullet came yesterday, took me about 10 mins and lots of twisting of key and going to the community meeting center to see if anybody was there that could help me get the damn parcel box open. The center was locked up so I drove back home and the lock finally gave. I looked through the two booklets and the recipe book last night in prep to use it today. I LOVE IT! Whips all the ingredients up, almost froths it up, thickens it up, I can pop a ring on the screw top of the container to drink straight from it. There are two small (one with built in handle) and one large container, two rings and a third with a handle. I'm looking forward to trying the six different sleep potions.

This week is going fast, but I'm not doing much, lots of reading, and the bulk mailing will bring in $96.

Not too impressed with Firefox myself. Every time I go in to Yahoo email I have to download it again, it is not being recognized. How do I open another window? I have to redo all my shortcuts on my desktop? With my small screen it almost swallowed up with the Yahoo/Firefox tool bar.

Sticky days are back but the temp is going back down to lower 90s still need a/c on.

Hope you are having a great week!