and got the camera ready on the tripod then went over and turned on the patio flood light and looked and looked and looked and looked and nothing moved.

Well there were insects at the ready to hang out with the light.

I continued to look and look and look.

Then something brushed against my leg and I jumped, heart beating wildly. Only Ketley's tail. No tarantula photos, kids.

I did get an email from Lisa, there is a bulk mailing for me to pick up, I shall get it done for her by Thursday afternoon.

In my trawling the 'net looking for people's ages and show or movies they have been in. I started with Harrison Ford, 71, then to his wife, Calista Flockhart, 48, and saw they have a teenaged son they adopted. I wonder what it is like to have an ancient father. I saw Calista had been in a drama series 'Brothers and Sisters' so I looked it up on Netflix and it is available for streaming so I am watching a bunch of episodes. It's a pretty good drama but it makes me glad I live alone and my family is in another country.