The trash men did NOT pick up the 2 bags full of the sticking palm remnants (just knocked the one not in the can over), what the hell am I going to do with it and the one in the trash can?!? They are going to stick me to death trying to get them in my car to take them who knows where. Fiddlesticks...

I got the spreadsheet reconciled last night, after I had a 2.5 hour nap when I got home from work, and send it back to Michelle. If she likes my work she'll contact me for an interview.

5 days of doing nothing, might get a bulk mailing from Lisa this week, hope so. Have a lil shopping to do. I heard from Jeanie, she wanted to do lunch before the 2nd week of September, she suggested August 24th, a Saturday. She forgot that I work on the weekends, so don't know when we will have that cookie pizza.

The heat is building again, going up to 103F/39 or 40C, but lower humidity with no monsoon storms, that's strange but welcome.