I had left a message on Christine's phone on Friday asking if they have any gardening tools to help me get the dead palm out of the pot. Also asked if they would be around after Labor day to feed my cats for a few days and if they were interested in Kathy's van.

When I pulled up in the car after work, Jim was in my front yard, the palm was stuffed in a couple of bags, still sharp through the bags as I tried to push one with my hand and got stuck. I hope the trash men have thick gloves or they will be cursing me! OR the bags could be there a while.

Jim said 'Just got your message, but I see you got it done.' I said that I didn't do it, we wondered who did. There was no dirt left in the pot, just a trail of it to the trash can. Jim told me to leave it, the gardeners might put something in it for me, that the a previous owner told them what he wanted and they put it in. I never seem to see the gardeners. I would love a Mexican Bird of Paradise there as you know. Will see what happens, I don't really want to have to buy soil to fill that huge pot.

Later in the evening we had our snake adventure together. He was telling me about some young pygmy owls he captured a couple of weeks ago at night. They were trying to get some beetles that were on their back window. He has a series on photos on his website, I shall have a look and share the link with you all again.

I did hear back from Michele who advertised the accounting assistant job. She sent me a test. A large spreadsheet with invoices and payments on it and it had a balance of some $79K that I am supposed to tell her what invoices make it up. I knew I had to sort it somehow first. I called Denise in Australia, she is an accounts whiz, I asked for a tip. She told me to email the spreadsheet which I did, she looked at it while I was on the phone and said some terms that sounded familiar and my accounting experience started coming back to me after some 30 years. Aged trial balance, g/l etc. Told me to sort by a certain column and subsort under that one, I didn't know of that function, so I was very pleased to learn that.

So armed I got stuck in to it. After a few hours I didn't get it balanced, but I am close. Saved what I did frequently, Michele wants to see how I did it, so I have created a new sheet within the spreadsheet she sent and have a balanced synopsis for each vendor that has lots of entries, to reconcile them. I am quite enjoying it. I had thought recently that I might like getting back in to accounts work, where I can get stuck in to a project and am not bothered by people all day long as I was as an admin. Hopefully it will be to her liking and I get an interview. I read my reply to the ad and Denise cracked up, she said that has to get me an interview. If it is meant to be it will be. That job pays $14-16 an hour, that would mean I would only need to dip in to retirement funds for big expenses that might come up. Michele started up a company where she assists small companies set up their accounting systems. Sounds good!

Last day of the first week of the new eating plan, I feel quite a few lbs. lighter. I shall drag the scales out tomorrow and see if it is working to see how much I have lost. I am quite happy on this plan. I can have half of the double Snickers bar as one of my 150 calorie snacks, there is 110 cals in a half. Yummo! Plus all the delicious fresh fruit alone for a snack or in smoothies and protein shakes for meals. Loving the turkey I eat everyday with cauliflower and sweet potato if it says 2 vegies. Today I split the 40 min. exercise, 20 mins. before lunch and 20 mins. later in the day, so I will do 20 mins. before work, and 20 mins. when I get home. I did take 2 snacks and a smoothie for lunch to work yesterday, worked just fine.

Life is just so darned GOOD these days ain't it?

BTW I caught the toilet paper perpetrator in the act! It was not Ketley, sorry Ketley, I misjudged you, it was KAIYA! 4.5 years of living with me and she starts up this behavior... weird!