until the end of my 6 week eating program, so we will be heading to Oreganos on Speedway Blvd. next week. Yep, it's an Italian restaurant with all things Italian to eat from pizza, to pasta to anti pasto to cookie pizza.

Yep, cookie pizza, that is what she can't wait for, complete with 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream. 6" round of it for $5. Comes in 3 flavors, chocolate chip, peanut butter and white chocolate chip with macadamias. If I am gonna blow the eating plan I am going to blow it BIG! She can have her chocolate chip, I'm gonna have my own Macadamia cookie pizza. They say it is for 2-4, no way, that will be my main course, I will have a salad for dessert.

Off to work today, UGH, gotta layer up the clothes, 2 tees, a jacket and a shawl. It'll be 95F/33C outside but freezing inside. Hopefully they will give me the password to the Homebase email in a place I can find it so I can clear out the scanning and uploading for them. Tina writes emails like she speaks, never finishes a sentence, very scattered.

I talked to Mom & Dad in Australia last night, I guess they did get my new phone number in the 2 emails I sent asking them to confirm they got it but never did. Apparently all survived the dreaded 4 nights with them up in Newcastle where my sister lives. Her husband and my mom had a fight 25 years ago, Mom still hasn't forgiven him and never will, she hates him. They visited Mom's 98 year old cousin, Whitey, who still drives. Another American living in Australia, he landed there during WW2 and married an Aussie, she had a stroke 10-15 years ago and passed soon after. They saw the grandsons and great grandson, the grandsons wives hate my Mom, she has tongue lashed them too many times.

I've got an enormous zit in the corner of my nose, off to pop and shower and shave.