to sell kitchen appliances, according to my dream just before I woke, that's more of a NIGHTMARE!

Ketley went on a rampage over night, tore down towels in kitchen and bathroom and reeled off a big chunk of toilet paper. I'm surprised the shower curtain is still up!

Woke up with a dehydration headache, now my 'hunger' headache has joined it. Oh joy! I'm going to have to get up early tomorrow to prepare my food to take to work, I'll be having 2 meals and a snack there.

Not a word from any of the realtors, nobody accessed their free card either, I get notified if they do. I'll do one follow up email, hopefully with no typos, and leave it at that. Perhaps somebody will ask me about it in the office tomorrow. I'll send the info to my sister, explain she can send a card to the U.S. At U.S postage rate and it arrives faster, if she doesn't 'bite' it will be disappointing. Such a great, inexpensive product, don't get why nobody is interested...

I went to upload my 'hollow' photos in to Flickr last night to get code for Ipernity but it was down for maintenance, will do it later today.

Just doing laundry today. I really dig only working 18 hours a week on average, I'm using $1K a month in retirement funds, that will be $500 a month in 2.5 years. Does this lazy person really want another job? ;-)