my electrical bill, $89.55, I've had the a/c on every day, coming on 2-3 times an hour. I dropped it to 85F last night and it was on for like half an hour and nearly froze me to death. If I could only regulate the temperature of the air coming out of the vents.

Around 6pm I got my nasty head pain, had a gut ache most of the day. Only had a slight protein (3%) drink as one of my meals when I was at Starbucks with F&G, my eating plan was off, I didn't eat enough food soon enough and bam! I couldn't stand it any longer and went to bed at 9pm only I couldn't get to sleep as I felt so awful. Sweating but cold, nauseous and merciless head pain.

Just as well as I forgot to go to Mindfulness meetup. I remembered at 5:50pm, starts at 6:00, it takes 35-40 mins to get there, no point. I sent Michele and apology email. If it doesn't pick up, 3 of us and I do all the talking, I am going to give it up. Too far to go for an hour of that.

I can feel the pain lurking today, I might have to eat more than what my plan allows, just to try and keep the pain at bay. Just lolling about today.

I did get back my final draft of email to realtors from the realtor that critiqued it for me. I might get that out today.

It is overcast, humid and top of 95F/33C today, below average. We are behind in rainfall, only 2 storms with decent rainfall so far this monsoon.

If F&G had of stayed another half hour or so they would have seen a coyote and bobcat in 'my backyard'. The bobcat looked really thirsty, I've never seen one at the watering bowls, it always walks past so fast I don't have time to get the camera. I only got a butt shot of the coyote.