with Francoise and Gary. They are the SOC distributors that Kathy put me on to. They are in town to go to an RV store.

I chose the Starbucks near home, so I could get up at the civilized hour of 10am. I had 3 Starbucks gift cards so used one to get us 3 drinks for $14.48. Might as well share them!

Their story is fantastic! They will have been married for 50 years next February. She is from The Netherlands and he is from the U.S. and they met in Germany. He was stationed in Weisbaden with the Air Force, she was there on vacation with a girlfriend. They went to a bar to get some guys to buy then some drinks as they were running low on $.

She didn't speak English and he didn't speak Dutch or German which she does, but somewhere in the evening he actually proposed and she said yes. But the thing is, she thought she was saying yes to another date, her friend said 'Do you know what you just did?' Didn't matter obviously. She is fun and open and friendly, he is very quiet and sweet.

We chatted about the business, they said it took them a while to get it going. Out of 100 people they talked to they'd get 10 to take a subscription. It took them a year to sign up a distributor. They are having fun with it and love the product and that is the most important thing. She loves how I am targeting the realtors and gave me more suggestions. She doesn't want to bug me but I can ask her anything, she will send along tips etc. She did say that the biggest money earner in SOC is pulling in $1M a month. I'd be happy with $100K a year. ;-)

They also offered for me to come to their property again. They have a 5th Wheel (RV that sits on a pick up truck that they stay in and they have a little cabin that Cathy stayed in that I could stay in. There is no running water in it, I can use the facilities in their 5th wheel. Sounds good to me! She wants me to come next month. I have to figure out some bedding, don't want to buy a sleeping bag. If not next month, later in the year, I think it is a higher elevation, so will be cooler.

They have two children, one in Alaska and one in Wisconsin. They drove from Wisconsin to Alaska. They don't like Alaska as the mosquitoes are HUGE! I would be eaten alive. I hear they are pretty darned big in Wisconsin too though. I have not been bitten by a mosquito this year in Tucson, I did get bitten last year, twice. I can live with that.

Francoise said that Kathy and Melvyn want to drive to Alaska too. She gets her 5th wheel this week. Melvyn is driving it up. She can live in it until the end of September. She needs to sell Grace, her van. She asked what I thought about them as a couple, I said I told her to go for it, life is too short, have some fun together. Francoise told her that Melvyn might not have many years left, at 89, but they might as well make them good ones. Kathy has lost one friend over it, sounds like that friend needed to be lost.

It was great to meet them in person, I am sure I will see them again. We had a couple of hours together. They offered for me to stay in their home in Phoenix too and I offered back my guest room. Would be nice to have a place to get away for a couple of nights in the future.

Here is Francoise and myself:

Here is a funny lil cactus appendage. What does it look like to you?