I've had cats that liked strange things like canteloupe (rockmelon) but carrot juice?

All 3 of mine tried to lick the dregs in my glass yesterday. 2 of them made a beeline for me when I carried it in to my bedroom this morning, they smelled it from afar.

Off to meet Francoise and Gary, SOC sponsors, at a Starbucks, they are in Tucson from Phoenix for a few days. I put a pic of me with my faux mohawk in a card to her, she loved it! I said they can follow me home and come and see my beautiful view. She's jealous already...

Still crafting my email to realtors about SOC, got a realtor critiquing it for me, after first draft she told me to think 'What's in it for me?' from their perspective. I pared it down and told the how it would make them more professional and sincere.