Today I did some cleaning of my duplex, vacuumed the whole joint, and of the cat's condo.

They cats need a condo because of the coir scratching posts. They all use it regularly which is great for my furniture. I hunted online quite a bit to find the almost perfect kitty condo, the amount of posts on this one is great, but why oh why did they cover it in cream color carpet?!? Especially as I have 2 dark furred cats.

The cats have worn out the tops of 2 of the poles, the rope is coming right off. I tried to glue it down, but it came to be the time where the posts needed to be turned upside down to get more use. So I got out the 3 allen keys, not sure which one fit, and the more portable vacuum cleaner to give it a good clean.

Of course Ketley had to assist me.

It is quite a heavy piece of furniture, I had to put it on its side to access all of it to give it a good vacuum with me down on the floor too. Kokee got over excited a few times and bit the hell out of the top platform corner. This was before vacumming, it didn't end up much cleaner unfortunately.

There was a lil play time.

I've put it on the right side of the back windows instead of the left, I can't see it at all from my chaise now.

It opens up my view more.

Tis nicer to have it away from the dining table in case I ever actually have guests for a meal.

A couple of other pics, I finally go a shot of Quail parents with their kids, they are so FAST, they are hard to photograph. That Mom had her squawk on yelling at the 3 kids.

Here is Ketley helping me with the last bulk mailing.