one of my cats goes missing. I'd just DIE if one of them escaped from my home, they wouldn't survive for long. You know Kokee hates storms. We didn't have any yesterday, was just overcast and cooler all day so there was no reason to hide. But that he did. I looked before I went out last evening, he was nowhere to be found. Didn't have time to look anymore. I looked again when I got home, still couldn't find him. I tried one more time before I went to bed and finally found him in a cupboard in the kitchen behind the Ninja, Margarita Mix and Tequila. I had opened one door earlier, but not the other, it was darker in there and I just didn't see him. The brat!

Been listening to music this afternoon. Discovered some amazing music by watching 'Jammin' at Hippie Jacks' last night and looked them up on youtube and got sidetracked when I saw a video by one of my fav country artists, Jason Sellers. This was the song that got me in to him from 1997.

Another great one of his:

He was married to LeeAnn Womack, a Dolly Parton sound a like. She became huge "I Hope you Dance', they divorced, he never recorded again. I thought I had read somewhere that she made sure that he never recorded again. He is a great talent, a loss.

Another fav is Andy Griggs, this is a lil heart breaker...

I totally dig some banjo picking, didn't really discover this until I moved to VA. Last night from 'Jammin' a Hippie Jack's' I found this gal, Abigail Washburn:

She has an amazing voice, love her harmonizing with Kai Welch, and is a mean banjo picker.

Also found Steeldrivers, dig the banjo, mandolin, fiddle and harmonizing.