in 2001 it was still a very much male dominated country. They had moved from 'men only' rooms at the pubs to making them more family friendly, oh goodie the kids can watch their parents get pissed (drunk). The glass ceiling was low for women, this article confirms it.

Back in the early 90s I saw a woman being verbally abused by her manager when she became pregnant. He was fine with her not pregnant, but something about her being in that condition triggered him and he turned verbally abusive. She reported him and he got reprimanded. I got laid off not long after that, don't know what else happened with that.

Being pregnant, yep that was really held against you, even just the possibility of you becoming pregnant. It is kind of understandable, what, you get 3 months off work to look after your kid? Like smokers get to keep going outside to smoke. What about us women that didn't want kids, why can't I get 3 months a year off every few years? Why can't the rest of us folks get 10 mins. off every hour, i.e. 70-80 mins. a day off every work day like smokers do? I am being facetious here, but it is kinda true, no? Actually I am seeing ads for jobs where they say they are a smoke free company and you have to be a non smoker to work there, more discrimination, even though it is 'good for your health' to not smoke. Yep, you can be forced to be healthy if you want a job. Will there be signs on the office fridge like 'Nothing fattening allowed in this fridge.' ?

I must admit I did discourage some American women from moving to Australia, warned them about the low glass ceiling job wise. I knew a woman who was a stock trader in Sydney, she moved to Melbourne with her husband, she could not get the same job in Melbourne (a much more conservative city), she had to be a secretary again.

Yeah, being a secretary, one of women's options, along with school teacher and what else, for women, for decades. I was a secretary for 25 years, name changed to Administrative Assistant, but it is still a secretary. I don't mind that title, just as well as they still use it here. Here where they pay you $8 an hour (just above the minimum wage) to be one. You know how much that irks me. That is one third of what I was earning, a Virginia/DC salary, but the cost of living here is Tucson is not one third of the cost of living in VA/DC, maybe a half to two thirds, but not one half.

I am kinda cheating, only show my last 25 years of work on my Resume, I was in Payroll, accounts and insurance the 27 years before that, so employers might think I am 43 years old or so. Are they less likely to hire a 58 year old? Probably...

As you know, after giving up that well paying job (I was low on the salary totem pole, my replacement got $10K a year more than I was earning), I just refuse to work full time, in a possibly stressful, fast paced role for a third of the salary, I just REFUSE! So I have come to terms with it and am incredibly grateful for what I have, I have everything I need and an AMAZING place to live and am happier and less stressed that I have ever been in my life just waiting to see what comes my way. It will all work out, my stressing over it ain't gonna make one iota of difference, so why stress about it?

'Nuff said...