It's gonna be only 89F/30C today, should be around 100F/38F, BUT the humidity will be in the high 60%s, UGH! A cold front came through from New Mexico with lots of thunderstorms last night. The outdoor furniture is still wet and it is overcast. Poor ole Kokee hates the noisy weather, even if it is just the rain hitting the skylights, he spent the whole evening under my bathroom sink, not much room in there. I had to get him out and guide him in to the living room, didn't want him to feel forced, as I know he would come in eventually and bug the heck out of my sleeping. I'm sure he spent the night in the pantry.

I went to bed at 10, which means asleep between 10:30 and 11:00. I woke at dawn but fell asleep a couple more times and got up at 7:30! That's like 9 hours, wow! I am having maybe 1 or 2 nights a week like that now, fantastic, even without exercising, just can't get in to the routine I had before I went to NYC, listening to LOA (Law of Attraction CD) before peddling on my ActivCycle for 45 mins while reading. I will start next week. This week I am eating the last of the food in the house and then embarking on the SHRED eating plan, it goes in 6 week cycles, 7 small meals or snacks every 3-3.5 hours, lots of smoothies, protein shakes and soups and snacks. Can't shop for the food until the weekend, it will go in the next credit card period. Says I will get 18-25 lbs. off in that time. Good for people that have lost weight and are 'stuck' like I am. So will spend an afternoon writing up my shopping list.

No shower yesterday I got up and got stuck in to the stuffing, that is the longest process of the bulk mailing of course. It was a big one, just shy of 500, BUT she was 39 letters short. I have emailed asking if I should bring the empty envelopes with the completed mailing and she takes care of it herself, that would be the most logical. I asked her in future letters to push the last line of the letter (saying if they are with another realtor that this letter should not be considered a solicitation). So I have more room to staple her business card to which allows me to fold the letter better, line about property values going up 17% in the last year shows on the first section that they see it when they pull the letter out of the envelope and it fits in the envelope better. It is not easy folding a 5 page letter tidily with a business card in the way. Anyway, I can deliver today and get $120.

I managed to watch the old movie with Tom Selleck (moustache free) called 'In and Out'. It still cracked me UP! Kevin Kline is outed by a former student on national TV while accepting an Oscar, and he supposedly doesn't even know he is gay but realizes at the altar (supposed to marry Joan Cusack, she cracks me up), that premise is stupid, but the rest of the movie is a lot of fun. Then I watched 4 of the Jesse Stone movies, a character created by Robert Parker, starring Tom Selleck with a goatee, now that I LIKE! Those movies were very good, the books are kinda fresh in my mind so I remembered a lot and it made the movies more fun. Then I watched 'Of Human Bondage' from 1934. Bette Davis trying to fake and British accent, pretty dismal, as was the movie. She was only 26 an looked quite different, especially as a blond.

I got the ok to put my business card with a spiel about SOC in the mail slots of the agents at the realtor office, can send an email also from my personal email of course. Need to create a letter for that.

I did apply for a 3 day a week job with an engineering/materials testing lab, one day has to be Monday, the others are negotiable, very good money for Tucson, the main reason I applied, and they want 10 years secretarial experience, I have 25! I could still run my SOC business (not trying too hard), the bulk mailing (while I watch TV in the evenings) and look in to the mobile notary public and marriage celebrant gigs and if they are really for me, give up one of the part time jobs eventually.

Yes, I could end up VERY busy, but with 2 whole days a week off, and with my new 'tude it will all be FUN, i.e. stress free.

Back to reading, found a new author, Mary Jane Clarke, this one is called 'The Look of Love' a Piper Donovan Mystery, she makes wedding cakes and sleuths. Kinda fun!