'DCI Banks'. It is on PBS. From 2010, the series started here in January of this year, so it seems I have missed some episodes. The one I recorded was about a battered wife helping her husband abduct young blond girls, 5 in all. I hope I get to see them all, it is another good British crime drama it seems.

A lazy morning for me tomorrow, will work on a bulk mailing I picked up on Friday, in the afternoon.

I've emailed Pam at the realtor office to see if it appropriate for me to 'peddle' my SOC business, i.e. email the agents in the office with my link and a short blurb. One agent I talked about it to today is enthusiastic about it. She is going to pitch it to her senior community, she took some of my new beautiful business cards. I'll go and check out the clubhouse in my community to see if I can pin some of my cards to a board there.

Looks like we are gonna get battered with a longer storm tomorrow, could be some serious flooding in east Tucson. The long Ocotillo stalks all grew leaves again, they had lost them when it started getting hot and the red flowers at the top died. I saw a cactus at the front of Christine & Jim's place that is blooming late, bright pink blossoms, I shall sneak out tomorrow and see if they are fully opened before the skies open and obliterate them. I spied a small Bird of Paradise in a rock wash, not on anybody's property. I wonder if I can steal it, under cover of darkness, and put it in the pot where the now dead palm is. I'm gonna need some gloves to pull that palm out, don't want it to cut me in revenge. I did take a flower stalk off a Bird of Paradise but saw no seeds to propagate.

I haven't heard a word from Shelley. Very glad she went quietly.

Have a great week, possums!