Oooh that sounds like I am having a love affair... alas it was Kokee's whiskers. You know he has the habit of running in when he hears me tearing open my almond bar wrapper first thing in the morning. He comes and sits on my chest with his paws at my neck. He never gets any of the almond bar, but he just has to be there to help me enjoy it.

He has recently started up a previous habit. He is helping me take my supplements again. I put them in an old prescription bottle with a deep lid, I turn it over and take the lid off so the pills are in the lid. He hears the pills drop and comes running and plonks on my chest. This morning he got so close we were nose to nose and his whiskers were tickling my face. What a precious lil boy cat.

Shelley the pet sitter, who I have lunch with every month or so, I think I have mentioned that she is a very negative person and obnoxious. I had sent her the blurb about SOC, as I have to all my friends, but she felt the need to send an email entitled 'Rain on your parade' and proceeded to tell me how I should not be spending $ on things where I may get no return, especially in my financial situation. She says she knows how stressed I am about it, blah blah blah... I am considering whether I am going to answer her or not, IF I did I would start with telling her I am the happiest and the most stress free than I have ever been in my life, she hasn't noticed that through her cloud of negativity. She went on and on about how she was a notary public in New Mexico and that you can only get maybe $10 a signature, how expensive advertising is, the wear and tear on my car, the annual fees, etc. I could reply with all the 'homework' I have done researching the profession, that I would seek a sponsor to pay the fees, etc. The only thing she said about being a marriage registrant is that she has NO idea what it is otherwise she would have done a paragraph on that too. I'm not going to let her drag me down, NO WAY! This may be a good opportunity to just let the 'friendship' go.

Do any of you have Yahoo email? Mine is behaving weirdly. The stuff on the left hand side like 'INBOX', moves up and goes under some other words so I can't click on it, I can't click on any of the others like 'SENT' either, I have to hit the refresh button to get it to settle where it should be. It isn't long before it does it again. And you used to be able to access old emails page by page, you could go to the last page to look at the oldest emails. Now it is just one big page, and with a thousand or two of emails it is a PITA to access the old ones, scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. I was trying to find an email address of somebody I lost contact with, a friend of my Aunt's, to get a journal she had written so I can send it to my Dad. And I think the emails I am sending to some people are going in their spam folders, my parents and sister have not replied to 3 emails I sent with my new email address and phone number. I prefer Yahoo's email format to any other but this is REALLY annoying!

I joined LinkedIn when my job went away to start networking and see if another job came out of it. It is so not me, schmoozing with people to beg for a job. I haven't been in there since. But I am getting all these emails when contacts update their info etc. so the other day I went to go in and shut the darned thing down BUT it puts me in to Rob's (best friend Denise's husband) page. I can go in and edit anything on his page if I want to. I have tried a dozen times, can't get in to my own page, only his. I have let him know but he hasn't replied, come to think of it Denise has not replied to any of my recent emails either from my new account, I wonder if they are going to their spam boxes too. ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH