driving out of my community after a rain storm. There was a lizard in the middle of the road, I slowed down, don't know if it ran off. A lil bit further was another lizard in the middle of the road, I slowed again, didn't know if it ran off, I looked behind couldn't see it in the road. A bit further down there was another one in the middle of the road. I just kept going. Twice more it happened. Very strange! They aren't real large lizards, maybe 8" top to tail, they are the ones that do push ups, sit there and raise their upper bodies and then down again a few times. Some kind of posturing perhaps? Who knows.

I was driving to a meetup of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique tapping on the Meridians to release energy blockages cause by emotions) on Losing Weight. Jay Dee runs a weekly meetup on general EFT, or invites other practitioners in to present their modality. Now he is picking a certain subject and allowing only 8 people to participate so they can get some 1 on 1 time. It worked great! Only half of the group wanted to work 1 on 1, so those of us that did we got extra time. There was good discussion also between 1 on 1s. He is such a giving man, everybody loves Jay Dee, ah to have a man like that in my life...

One of the attendees said that The Veterans Administration has just approved EFT as an effective tool to heal PTSD. The creator of it, Gary Craig, did a trial of EFT on veterans in California a few years ago and filmed it, called 'Operation: Emotional Freedom'. It was mind blowing to see the changes that ensued in the most chronic sufferers of PTSD. There were a couple of people on Multiply who poo pooed my enthusiasm about EFT being effective on PTSD (a friend of mine did EFT on himself for his PTSD from the Vietnam war and 'cured' himself), the VA approving it allows me to say poo poo to them too!

It was a beautiful drive home, all windows open, about 80F/25C at 9:30pm, that's cool after a storm.

Well, I haven't heard back from the folks about the job that I thought should be mine. Oh well, see what else comes up. I'll give it until next week, if I don't hear anything I shall write an email to Jim, the branch manager at the realtor and see if they will sponsor me (pay fees) for me to be come a notary public and I will call the marriage registrant who has a stable of marriage registrants working for him and see if he would be interested in mentoring me.

You figured out that I did 'buy in' to the SOC (Send Out Cards), network marketing gig. I am not a salesman, they encourage you to not try and sell the idea, just pass on the link for folks to watch the video and send a free card to make up their own minds. I am just naturally enthused about the product. So I spent most of my day emailing friends in general and injecting my enthusiastic paragraphs about the product/idea in also. They can make up their own minds. There is a deal if I two people sign up as a retail customer or 1 as a preferred customer in the first week I get a $50 bonus. If I sign up 3 distributors within one month I can be come a certified trainer and get paid to train new distributors. If I do that AND create $93 of Personal and Customer volume I get a new title and start earning commission from all the sales occur that I initiated through my customer and distributor sign up. I am contacting all the people I know this week, takes a lot of time, but not just about this, if some sign up for me to reach those goals, great, if not, no big deal, I shall continue to enjoy creating/sending cards. When I meet new people I will hand them one of my cards with my link and they can check it out. All in good fun!

Tomorrow is a haircut, didn't get around to it last week, and another run to Traders Joes for delectable fruit, frozen dinners, dill Havarti cheese and rice crackers. Just watching a baseball game with Arizona Diamondbacks playing, they are in the 11th inning (usually go to 9 innings) with no end in sight. Some games have gone up in to 20 something innings.

Just totally lovin' life, hope you are too!