Kathy sent me a link last week to a website where you can create your own personalized greeting cards for less money than store bought cards. You can add your own text, photos, and youtube videos that you create. You can create a card from scratch or use their cards and templates. You can upload your signature to really make it really personal. The cards go through the U.S. (or British) postal services, so that helps them survive too. Getting a card in the mail is still better than getting an e-card let's face it.

When you open an account you can add contacts, put in all their important dates and you will get reminders, that is so important for us more senior folks, remember I forgot my Mom's 85th birthday! You can pay as you go or choose a monthly option, your points accumulate so if you find you have too many you can cancel your subscription at any time and start your subscription again when your points get low. Points expire after a year. You put money in your expense account for the postage, you can send cards all over the world.

If you own a business you can send out campaigns, I'm gonna send it to Lisa, who I do the bulk mailings for, and mention it to the realtors in the office.

I just LOVE this, already sent out 3 cards, to Lisa for entrusting me with her bulk mailings, to Pam for moving in to her new OWN home and to Kathy for putting me on to this. I won't send a card to Ketley for attacking my feet in bed and drawing blood though. ;-)

Send 2 cards on me. Let me know if you need any assistance. The video is great too, explains and shows you the whole concept. ENJOY!!!

Feel free to send it on to your family and friends too.