called 'Men of Hula'. Men have been doing the Hula (Hawaiian dance) for centuries. Modern man made it seem like it was for sissies. There has been renaissance and there are more and more men doing the Hula.

This program mostly follows a man that teaches the hula for free. There is a competition for hula dancers annually, there are 18 women's teams and 10 men's teams competing. He takes a team every 10 years. He dances for the joy of it so the stress of the competition is not what he wants, he can be very hard on his dancers. But he is a very gentle person.

Other men on the team talk about how they struggle with prejudice of being a hula dancer and how it has changed their life for the better, made them gentler and more loving. There are men of all ages, all shapes and sizes, they sing as well as dance. A really beautiful documentary about the dancers and Hawaiian culture in general.

There are many youtube videos, here is a great one: