made just for me!

I just got another email from the folks that want an office person 12 hours a week over 3 afternoons to do insurance billing. They gave me more info about the job, it is for a psychotherapist who has an office in a building their home property. They said the person they need has to be an animal lover as cats and dogs will walk through and lastly said it is for the LGBT community.

I replied I love computers and technology and am sure I can pick up the work quickly. I didn't say I have visited many psychotherapists in my day... LOL I did say I am a cat lover, volunteered at The Hermitage No Kill Cat Shelter and was a failed foster, took home one of my charges. Also, said I had a Lesbian Aunt who I loved more than my own Mom, volunteered at the LGBT center in San Diego and was going to look in to it here. Said I was thinking about becoming a marriage/commitment ceremony officiant, want to specialize in non-traditional ceremonies and hope I could officiate at gay marriages in the near future. If that doesn't get me in for an interview and get me the job nothing will!

Here is one of my more unusual side table decorations:

Last week the ground squirrels were running amok, I hadn't seen them for a while. One comes in under my gate and teases the cats. It comes right up and looks in the window. I stood there for ages trying to get some pics but damn it was fast! Here is what I got:

Just leaving the scene of the crime.
But... I am a rock, I am an island... and I thought there was just one!