I went out to check the car about 2pm, I could unlock it with the remote. I got in and tried to start the car. Nope, it wasn't gonna have it. It kinda spluttered but would not catch. It did not have enough time to charge but I couldn't be driving around the neighborhood with Pam in the office waiting for me now could I?

Had to put my thinking cap on. I tried my garage, nobody answered as I expected but dang anyway. I had to get the car working to get at least home, but I did want to go dinner with the gang and of course I needed it early the next day. I refuse to walk 5 miles to work. I did a Google search for car batteries in Oro Valley and found Big O's. I called and explained the situation. He said he knows where my office is and would come and give me a jump on his way home from work.

That he did! I didn't have to drive to Big O's, he didn't follow me, but I did as he was kind enough to do that for me. The battery was $20 more than buying somewhere else, $16 to install and a bunch of tax on top. Had to be done. Of course they tested the old one and said it needed to be replaced, who knows, but you gotta trust people sometimes.

Was there just over an hour then I had to get gas. Didn't bother to go home and get the cats all excited just to go out again, just to pick up some wine glasses, besides Kathy told me not to bother. Oh, the heavens opened up just as the guy was giving me the charges, not too heavy rain thank goodness. It did continue to rain as I drove out to Melvin's house, just enough to make a real mess of the dust that gets on a car, a car is clean about 5 seconds here in the desert.

Kathy made dinner, a great shrimp salad (too much chili for me) and brocolli with ginger and sesame seeds. I'm glad the ginger was strong and I couldn't taste the brocolli, hate that stuff. It was perfectly cooked. She also make cheesy biscuits, I had 3, superb! Oh and then the strawberry shortcake with real cream. I'm not a fan but with the strawberries and home made shortcake, heavenly!

Melvin was kinda quiet, Bob was really chatty, a very nice man. I picked both their brains about being a notary public and then I mentioned I was looking in to becoming a marriage officiant. I mentioned that hopefully gay marriages would be allowed soon. Melvin said he didn't understand why they needed to get married, I said for benefits (I knew it was the wrong word when it came out of my mouth), he said 'Oh so they can get government money!' Kathy nearly strangled him. It was all in jest, but Kathy said the word I wanted was 'rights'. Yep.

Bob went on to tell me how hard it is to get a website to show up on Google when a search is done, you can 'bribe' them with $1,000s of course, that ain't gonna happen. He started talking about SEO (search engine optimization) and the tricks you can do, but some of them have been 'caught' and stopped. He said to get a Google Webmaster Account, went on about meta tags (will have to look them up). Then he suggested for marketing I get a QR code, that square bar code thingy people scan with their phones. He loved the idea of magnetized business cards on my car. He said an ad on Google maps might be cheap. Great info!

I remembered that I had found a website of a guy that 'manages' officiants, has about a dozen in his stable and said I think I will give him a call and ask if he would like to be a mentor. I might be able to join his stable for a while and then go out on my own if it is the right thing for me. It is not as if I could steal his clients, hopefully they only get married once. I am unsure about it, got all excited, but I am worried about the public speaking. Kathy said I would be great at it, to think I am only talking to the bridge and groom and not think about the dozens or hundreds in the audience. LOL

When Kathy & Bob were cleaning up, Melvin was talking about Kathy, he is smitten, totally supportive of what she wants to do but hopes to guide her in to getting a larger van, an RV. Kathy said they were talking getting a 5th wheel with truck. She might only be down one more time before I go and visit with her in September, if she does they are coming to my place for Indian food, then she is off to Michigan to see her boys and grandkids. Then she has a volunteer gig in Georgia in November I think. Melvin will be 90 when she gets back to him.

Yesterday was quite busy in the office, I was surprized, but today is quiet again, only 1 other person here. Though 3 people called and I put out their fires, did have to call Pam to ask where a NAID # is. She was all ready to jump in the car, I said no, I will find it and got all the files and read all the names out until I found it.

Looking forward to going home and doing nothing already, only 5.5 hours to go!