to look out for me.

Tis a miserable day for some folks, 98F but with 50% humidity (it is normally below 10% non-monsoon season) and cloudy. I've already heard 2 folks say the humidity makes their arthritis play up. I have it but I don't notice it today, lucky!

I haven't worn makeup in 20 years, just realized. Went on a road trip on the U.S. west coast from Australia in 1993 with my sister. I decided not to wear makeup on that trip and when I got home I thought 'Why am I wearing this stuff?' and never wore it again. I am perfectly fine without it, lucky!

I'm having dinner with Kathy, (her new beau) Melvin and his son Bob this evening, lucky! Seniors eat early, dinner will be served by 5-5:30pm. I hope I will be there on time, need to get gas, pick up from wineglasses from home after working til 4pm at the realtors today.

I gathered all my stuff for work, went to open the passenger door of my car to put it on the seat but my keyless opener wouldn't work. I couldn't unlock the passenger door with the key. I was able to open the drivers side door with the key but the car would not turn over. Dead battery. I had noticed when I came home Tuesday night that the brake lights would not turn off, seemed odd, tried to turn them off but couldn't, thought they would fade off like my headlights. Wrong!

In I went to call road service, they took just over a half an hour. As I waiting I was trying to find Pam's phone number, nobody was answering in the office. I finally remembered I had her number in my wallet. She said she would go and open the office, thank goodness she only lives 9 mins. away. Lucky!

Roadside service was the guy who towed me when my radiator went. He looks rough as guts but is a sweetheart. He checked my brake light switch, said it was probably the problem. I called my garage, he was there doing paperwork but not open for business, I explained the situation, he looked up the switch, said if I could get there in the next 45 mins. he would look at it. I did, he did, said it was loose, tightened it up and didn't charge me. Again, he has my business for life and I told Pam to try him. Lucky!

I woke up in a bad mood... but all my good fortune turned it around!