that is the question. My scales have lost their mind. I got on them this morning and they couldn't settle on a weight and the area it was jumping around in was 15-20 lbs. less than I was yesterday, which I know is impossible. It seems it needs a new battery. When it did a couple of years ago, it took my handyman quite a while to find a tool and then to wheedle the old battery out, so the chances of me doing it are pretty low. So I am inclined to just pack it away.

I did not weigh myself for 15-20 years, I settled at a large weight and then lost 100lbs for my joints. I've put some lbs. on with Kathy's visit and my NYC trip and have lost some. I know where I want to be. My perspective has changed, I had settled in to being obese for 20 years. Now I know I want to lose my belly and it is hard to get there, even losing all that weight my belly hasn't changed it seems. So that can be the goal, not a certain weight, I can tell approximately how much I weigh by how my clothes fit. It will be better psychologically to go back to that. So, not to weigh it is!

We had a rip snorter of a storm last night. It started late afternoon, got some good rain, but not the great breeze we had the night before and the temp didn't drop so no point in opening the windows. I saw a few flashes of lightning over the mountains in the dark and there were rumbles. It was enough to send scaredy cat Kokee hiding. It took me a while to get to sleep last night, read a lot longer than usual, and when I did I kept getting woken up with the thunder booming over the noise of my white noise machine, but have been pretty darned noisy. Kokee only just came out of a kitchen cupboard.

I did email a traveling notary, Jack, with a couple of questions. He very kindly answered them for me and I have asked a few more. He said you can't make a living out of it, but he makes $200-$250 a month, that is what I was hoping for. He said something about having to wait 4-6 weeks to get your money, I had to ask him what he meant by that, to do with PayPal maybe? Hopefully I will hear back today. He is a retired gent that just does it for fun and a lil extra cash. He mostly notarizes car titles. I forgot to ask what kind of notarization that is of the 4. I did do the 2-3 hour online training, the Secretary of State website doesn't have any in person classes scheduled. They have a fee of $43 on top of the up to $165 for the seal, fee schedule, frame, $5K bond, E&O (errors & omissions) insurance etc., provided one of many companies.

I now have the thought that I will ask the realtor office if they would consider paying the fees for me and I will be a notary on their behalf, i.e. notarize documents in the office on the weekends and I can drive over during the week if they need me. There has been a few occasions where people have dropped in to the office or called trying to find a notary public, they were referred to the title company around the corner, who is only open during the week, or a bank that is open Saturday morning. The realtor will get the $2 per signature fee, if they want to charge it, you don't have to, but you cannot charge any more than that. Where you can make money is the mileage, 49.5 cents per mile and you can charge for your time. I like Jack's fees:
◾0 to 10 miles: $25, plus two dollars per notarization
◾More than 10, up to 25 miles: $35, plus two dollars per notarization
Night time rate (after 7PM) add $15 to the rates above

I would be a notary on behalf of the realtor's office, why they would want to invest in me, but I can also be a traveling notary in my own time to make $ for myself. Seems like a good idea, I will broach the subject with Pam, see what she thinks, if they would have occasions to use me, if she likes the idea I will discuss it with Jim, the branch manager. See what they would be willing to pay for, part of the up to $218 costs would be helpful for me and it would benefit them too. The $43 has to be paid every 4 years.

I had toyed with the idea of being a marriage celebrant a few years ago. I will look at that again, but with my weekend job it might not work out. Though weddings are usually late afternoon and I finish at the realtors at 4pm. Sounds kinda fun, but it involves public speaking, I have gained confidence over the years, but do I have enough now? I used to be frightened to speak in a small group, you know how you'd go around in a circle and state your name and something about yourself, I would be so nervous as it came closer to my turn, now it doesn't faze me. I'd only need one fancy dress, 2 or 3 weddings a month would be great. My mind is ticking over again...