I'm thinking about becoming a traveling notary public. The person that 'officially' notarizes (stamps and signs) legal documents.

It seems you don't even need to do a test in AZ, just swear you are over 18, are a U.S. citizen, can read and write English and have no convictions.

You need the stamp, a journal, a $5K bond, and insurance would be advised.

The investment for the kit would be up to $150. One gal suggests you put magnetized business cards on your car for people to peel off and keep wherever you are parked as a good marketing tool. They run $35 for 100. I could create a simple website.

I found a website of a traveling notary here in Tucson and can see his rates, he uses PayPal, would have to figure that out, can't be too hard.

Seems simple enough. I would have to declare tax on my earnings of course, no problem. I can find a free or cheap accounting package to keep track.

It is a service that everybody eventually needs!