It's a do nothing day today, my weekend. Yesterday I was in the office by myself for 5 hours, first time ever, no agents there at all. The floor agent was in absentia also, just as well I only got 5 calls, 2 hangups and two transfers and one question about open house signs. I managed to keep busy though. Still don't know if I work Thursday through Sunday or Friday through Sunday or just my regular Saturday and Sunday this week. Waiting for a call or email from Pam.

I was awake at 4am this morning I had slept with the window open and a/c off but it was too warm when the wind died down. Last night we got our first storm. The wind was a howling and the temp had dropped in to the high 80s so I opened windows and let the cooler air through. It scared the crap out of the cats, they scattered. Ketley came out eventually, my intrepid cat. Kaiya curled up in the bathroom sink and Kokee hid in the cupboard under the bathroom sink. It was wonderful to feel that huge breeze ripping through the house, nothing flew about. When the rain hit, not too heavy or a lot, you could really smell the creosote of the desert. Jim kept flicking his back light on and off. Maybe he was looking for tarantulas!

I got up at 4 and closed the front door and my bedroom window and put the a/c on. Read for a while and got dopey enough to fall back asleep a couple of hours later to be woken up by a health insurance company marketer from Marathon Fl. I didn't answer the phone but retrieved the number and put it in Google and various folks said it was a health insurance marketer, one said she told them she wasn't interested and hung up. They called again and burped in to her answering machine! LOL

I did remember the tail end of my dream before the phone woke me. I was inspecting a hanging plant, it was draping down on the floor, a kinda succulent thingy, I think they call it a chain of hearts. Then I saw movement and this giant beetle emerged and then jumped out and landed on my nose! It wrapped itself around it, I tried to peel it off but it was hanging on for dear life. Then, of course, I got the camera and tried to take pics for you. Some guy came in and I asked him to help and get it off me as it was now hurting. Then I woke up. Analyze that one Freud!

One more day of over 100F/38C, then it will drop back in to the 90s with thunderstorms most evenings. YAY I can open the windows again.

Nothing much to do this week. Probably won't get a bulk mailing from Lisa til next week. Just need to get more fruit spears from TJs, another cauliflower, more mushrooms, for my concoction. I've decided I don't like the Caraway Seeds in it, they taste different than I remember, more of an aniseed flavor these ones. I will have to use them up eventually, $5.00 a bottle!

Mickey and others were talking about English breakfasts on one of his blogs, Bee said she had hash browns with hers. I know they aren't English, then again our English muffins probably aren't English either. Just like French doors aren't really French or Canadian bacon is not Canadian. Why do they do that?

I had a hankering for hash browns before the breakfast topic came up. This morning I described to Mickey how I cook them after he said YUCK to them. I fry up some bacon, remove and leave the fat in the pan and then press down some grated potatoes (the frozen Ida ones are great!) all over the pan and let them cook until they are crispy brown, flip to cook the other side, it won't get quite as brown darn it. Sprinkle with salt and enjoy!

Another breakfast I used to make was I'd boil up those 2 minute noodles, chicken flavored. Then I'd drain them and put them in frying pan, add 2-3 eggs and the flavoring and cook it all up. Delicious and it lasted me many hours.

Oh, I've got the Mindfulness group tomorrow night, I will be leader of us three, Michelle is back in Virginia. I'll read the rules, we will read a chapter and discuss, though I will probably be the only one that talks and then do a 10 min. meditation, James will wheel himself outside for a smoke, he hates silent meditation.

Wednesday I will get a haircut me thinks.

I gotta let folks know of my new email address and phone number too. I did a bulk one to immediate friends/family, some just need the email address. Then there are a million places to change them online, I guess I will do it as they come up.

Hope you are having a fab day, I am back to reading, already had my bacon 'n eggs, yummo!