The floor agent, MaryAnn, has some opera playing and she is singing along. UGH

Not much to do, I will have my few tasks done today for sure, it is great being my own boss on the weekends. I'm not sure if I am working 4th and 5th of July now, Tina says not the 4th and maybe not the 5th she will let me know, but Pam (my supervisor - Hello!) said I am working both. I am presuming I am working both but will check in with Pam to confirm.

It's 104F at 11:00am, I guess it is going to get to predicted 109F today, even with a cloudy sky. I've got an elbow length t-shirt and long sleeved jacket on and am still cold in the office.

Kathy, suddenly single at 60, and just as suddenly hooked up with an older man, is down in Tucson today for a whole week. I said she can come and stay here a night or I can meet up with them all for dinner any night.

I got a reply from a guy about a part time clerk job. He says he runs which looks legit, but then he says that right now he needs a PA, to run errands, do shopping, order supplies, book travel, do filing etc. Says he is in Canada right now but I can get started for $500 a week. Sounds pretty suss to me. He couldn't even put my name on the reply email? He ignored that I said I have 3 PT jobs too, so it is a standard reply to lure in some sucker in. The HQ is in Atlanta, how am I gonna run errands for him when I am in Tucson?!? I replied that I am only interested in the part time job if it is really available. Sheesh...

I gave up on the 'kidnapped kid by a cult' book, other better stuff to read out there. Trying a Kate Shugak series book by Dana Stabenow, takes place in rural Alaska. So far so good.

I got my other sandals, they look nice, soft leather, real cushy insole, they felt good around the house so I wore them to work. They do have an incline to a 2" heel at the back, the balls of my feet are a lil in shock. I hope they are ok. I'm stuck with both pairs, but I only paid $11 for them, might have to put a bandaid on my errant toe to a make them both truly comfy.

Last night I watched the move 'Rock of Ages', it got mostly terrible reviews on Netflix, people gave up after 15-20 mins. It was a 'tongue in cheek' movie, some great music (I danced on the kitchen floor in my socks to 'Hit me with your best shot'). Tom Cruise really rocked the role, great voice, the whole vibe of 'off the planet' rocker, he got down pat. I had no complaints, all good fun.