As part of my 'do nothing' day because of the heat and I work on the weekend, I am looking at youtube vids and listening to music. I did a search for my Guru, Lori Bennett, for her vids to send to Michelle the organizer of the Mindfulness meetup. Lori's company is Soul Escape Healing. I searched for Soul Escape and found this amazing contemporary dance company out of Texas.

This stuff feeds my soul. I also discover new music this way. This one is an Aussie singer I have never heard of.

This one, Me'Shell NdegeOcello sings, amazingly beautiful!

While trawling I remembered a show I wanted to see up at Desert View theater in Saddlebrook. Their shows are only $25. 'FourEver Tops' a Four Tops and Temptations cover band are playing August 24th. I asked Pam 1 if she wants to come, she does! PARTAY! I'll be dancing in my seat if not the aisles. So nice to have a new pal to go to stuff with, I may be broke but I still need to fill my soul!

How do you fill your soul?