your shampooing somewhere else? Is what I said to Kokee when he had to get up on my chest while I am lying in bed with my legs up and the TouchPad leaned against them. Not much space there dude and you weigh nigh on 15 lbs.! I moved him along after 5 mins. of him sitting there and licking himself and his front feet were digging a hole near my throat.

Strange Brew, remember this song? It came to mind when I was thinking about my dreams. I thought Eric Clapton was in Cream but I don't see him. Not in this clip either. Isn't the audience sedate? That drummer is BIZARRE! Ginger Baker.

A weird dream night and even weirder I can remember some of them. The first one I was in a wheelchair in a hospital. The thing is the wheelchair was propelling itself wherever it wanted to go. I was in pain and the docs were trying to figure out what was wrong, thinking liver, but then I ended up having a Fallopian tube removed. I never had use for such a thing anything anyway LOL. Never had the urge to have a baby, just as well as I discovered during a D&C that I have a bicornid uterus, would have needed surgical correction to carry full term.

The other dream was short. In an office setting I was riding elevators a lot, I have in other dreams too come to think of it. This one some lady stops me to ask about a time sheet, we agree it has double entries on it and which one should go. Then I am in search of a meeting during lunchtime. I forget my lunch that is sitting on my desk and I end up at another meeting wandering around trying to find the most suitable chair. That's it.

2nd night this week I have slept a long time, last night was 8 hours! Are times a changin' for me FINALLY around sleep?

I'm off to trip down memory lane watching vids, Steve Perry 'Oh Sherrie' (amazing voice), Iron Butterfly 'In-a-gadda-da-vida' (sexy voice, LOVE the drum solo, BRILLIANT!) , Steve Winwood 'Arc of a Diver', Steppenwolf 'Born to Be Wild' (I did a dance routine to this one)... That was MUSIC!

Only getting to 109F/43C today instead of 110F, I'll see what my outside gauge shows. Another do nothing day... I do have a beautiful coffee table book on Frank Lloyd Wright that one of the realtors lent me to peruse.