when I asked why he was having to bring it back. I was speaking with my 51 year old brother in Sydney. He said they had day of 115F/46C and it killed his lawn.

That is really hard to imagine, looking at weather.com it says Sydney averages 78F/25C, the hottest month of January. Then again that is hard to believe, I remember Sydney summers in the 80s and 90s dripping with humidity, occasionally reached 100F/38C. 115 is the hottest it has ever reached here in Tucson. I wonder if it was low humidity that day in Sydney.

Our high has been amended to 110F/43C tomorrow. I will step outside around 3pm to see what it feels like.

Was up at 5am today to seal the nigh on 500 envelopes, hard to believe it takes 2.25 hours to do that. Total of 10 hours to do the complete mailing of 500, took 8 hours to do 400 last time, that's about 50 and hour all up. As good as it is going to get! Appreciate the $120 I will get today. It was so exhausting I went back to bed and fell asleep for an hour... ;-)

Started a new book about a gal that had abandoned her young boy and has now joined a cult and steals her boy back and the struggle to get him back from the cult. I am only reading it as it has a murder in it too. I really dislike hostage stories. A few years ago there was TV series called 'Hostage' which I refused to watch, how many different types of hostage scenarios can you think of? Now I see there is a new series about hostages starting soon with Aussie actor Toni Collette. UGH

Summer TV is a tad sparse, back to British crime series tonight me thinks.