I watched all 5 episodes of 'The Fall' where Gillian Anderson plays a British Detective chasing a serial murderer in Belfast. Stayed up late to do it Monday night, only to be left hanging. Is there a continuing series or does it end like that? It was sooooooooooo sloooooooow in places I wanted to scream, just as well I multi task or I'd go bonkers.

Speaking of multi tasking. The art of mindfulness (being in the present moment) requires one to not multi task, to savor the task at hand. I am trying to do that, tis a challenge, they also suggest you leave space between appointments on your schedule to allow you to breath. I know I used to try and do that for my last manager and she would accept all appointments and fill it up again. Even though I said I wouldn't be the full time organizer of the meetup I have come to the understanding with the sometime organizer that I will step in when she isn't there and I am. I found myself making suggestions at the beginning and when we were done and she said 'You're good!' Simple things like making sure the room is booked for us for a few weeks ahead (not rocket science), it wasn't this week, just happened to be available. There was only 4 people again, there will probably only be 3 next week. After taking turns reading from the book it is only Michelle and I that discuss the contents, so I suggested we read more next time. James has trouble reading allowed and said he didn't want to anymore, so that leaves me and Jeani. I hope the ad in Tucson Weekly brings in more folks, though everything is dead in summer time.

The cats have been very helpful with this week's bulk mailing, in and out of the boxes, sliding over the documents, no doubt leaving hairs everywhere. This time I learned to not leave the flaps of the envelopes exposed as they are all attracted to the glue on the flap and want to eat it. Too bad I can't train them to just lick the envelopes and I press them shut. There are 496 letters to go out this time, 88 more than last time, that's another $20 or so, excellent! It took 3hrs45mins to stamp the envelopes with postage paid and put on the address labels and staple on the business card. Today is folding, inserting and sealing. That'll take all afternoon. Just as well I didn't try to do it all in one day, Mickey, I'd have been up til who knows when.

I am cabined in now til I pop out to deliver the envelopes back to the realtor tomorrow and then back home til I go to work on Saturday. The a/c is on continuous until this heat wave is over (109F on Friday predicted now), I am looking forward to the monsoon to break the heat, the swirling wind and rain bringing the desert to life again and allowing the windows to be opened as the temperature drops for a few hours.

The quail eggs are being destroyed by beasts. Christine said that eggs there and in their pots get abandoned every year. At least the are food for something. The palm is sagging badly, I feel bad making it die, but it has got to go, I get scratched up when I water it and the meter readers are not too happy, I would imagine, having to get out of their vehicle to part the sharp fronds to read the meter, not to mention the other valves, plugs etc. behind the plant, whenever need to be accessed. A shorter, softer, bushier plant would be more suitable for that pot. There shouldn't be a pot there at all where the hot western sun pounds on it, soaking all the moisture out of the soil in it. I was going to look at the local nursery to see what might be suitable to go in there but it has shut down.

I did notice there is a recycled clothing store next to where it used to be. Might be worth a look. More expensive than thrift shops but I might find a bargain or two when I next need clothes. Oops, I forgot to pick up my pants from the tailor, I will go tomorrow I guess. I seem to be going through my gas quickly this month, the price is high for summer road trips of course, how thoughtful of the greedy oil barons!

I don't think I ever told you that the periodontist told me it would take $16,500 to fix up my teeth. A loose tooth was noticed time before last, I got a free consult with the periodontist, how generous of him, NOT. He said the tooth has to come out, it is cracked, bacteria has got in and destroyed some bone, so I need bone grafts, a new tooth etc. Then there is the cracked tooth at the top left that has been cracked for years that needs to be crowned... Blah, blah, blah. Even with insurance, if I had it, it would $8,250. I don't know when/if that is going to be done.

I'm going to have to get a new personal email account, it is getting way too much spam in it now. Was spam free for a lot of years, but since I emailed that lender to refinance my condo (which never happened, even the 2nd one never emailed me back) I've been getting the 'instant cash deposited in your account' emails, then came the 'lonely married women' emails and then the 'enhance your penis' emails, then the Canadian pharmacy emails, etc. Creepy... Not to mention that the Russians that have hacked my job search email account is using it to send virus emails to everybody I have ever emailed from that account, including my personal email address, yep it has to be changed now. Why do people have to do shit like that? Does that feed their little egos?

I might as well get a new home phone number too, let go of the San Diego number, become a real local, and let family/friends know of both changes at once.

Got a great haul of summer fruit from Trader Joes yesterday, a dozen perfect Nectarines for $4.99, spears of pineapple, cantaloupe, mango and watermelon, two containers of apricots, and avocadoes and cucumbers to add to my concoction too. Yummo!

Ok, my waffling is done for today, I know, waaaaaaaaaaay too much information. You can come back and read it again or ignore it completely... ;-)