on Mondays. It is my weekend. Have my bacon 'n eggs and I might not get out of bed all day.

But that job agency called. I didn't answer, let it go to voicemail and then I called back and the guy was out, so I left a message on his voicemail. His message said they have a job that starts right away. I left a message that as I work every weekend and I am working July 4th and 5th and then the weekend I might not be a good fit, that I am only interested in 2-3 day jobs during the week. He can call me back if it is that type of role.

I have told the other 2 gals a few times about my weekend job. That I don't want a full Mon-Fri gig. Can't imagine working 7 days AND doing the bulk mailing job in the evenings. Hello, I do have a life, a little one, but I do have one and besides I deserve a break after 8 years of a full time stressful role with unpleasant managers, so there! I choose to have a rest and be poor at the moment. I wish one of them would make a note on my file that I only one 2-3 day assignments if there are such things.

I did hear back from Pam 2 at the Wellness Clinic, she said some shifts will be coming up soon as flu shot season is coming up, I guess they will next extra receptionists to handle the volume. I hope I can take 2-3 days a week, not have to take 5 day shifts. We shall see.

Even though I am on a kinda vacation I still make sure I have other vacations planned. Always something to look forward to. I set in cement with Kathy that I will be coming to visit her at The Petrified Forest, some 3 hours north of here where she volunteers, September 3-6 . She is doing a blog and she has had some amazing adventures and the scenery looks spectacular! She will book me one of the units available for $20 a night, her son stayed in one recently when he picked up her cats, like a 1 bedroom apartment, basic but clean. She is planning some trips with her new beau, Melvin, but wanted to make sure I was covered first, that was kind of her.

I was thinking of going further north to Zion and Bryce canyons in Utah, but I will save that for another trip, I have 2 free hotel nights that will help with that.

The seed has been planted for Denise and Robert to come and stay with me for a couple of weeks either Spring or Fall next year or Spring the following year. I spoke to Denise on Saturday night and they are discussing it. They will be very comfortable in my large guest bedroom with their own bathroom. I told them they can drop me at work and take my car wherever they want to go. That we can do some day trippin' and maybe a couple of nights up at Sedona. I can't repay all that they have done for me, but it's a lil bit.

Work at the realtor was pretty boring, I had time to write some emails, was left some work by Tina that kept me busy for a few hours. The realtors I have seen in the office say it is very quiet, always is in summer time, that it will heat up again in fall when kids are back at school. I would have thought that if families are going to be moving they'd do it during summer before school starts. But what do I know, I thought weekends would be busier than weekdays and I was wrong.

One of the new realtors, a gal in her 50s who is starting over basically, her ex screwed her over and left her penniless with a young daughter, was the floor agent on Saturday, she didn't even get a call. She is looking for a part time job to get some kind of money coming in. The floor agent on Sunday, another newbie, snagged her first sale last week (she has a full time job until she builds up her business), and the one I told you about before ended up finding an $850,000 house for her first clients, she'll get about $12K out of that, the office gets the other $12K.

It is a very tough job being a realtor, you can spend hours with a client looking at properties and they decide they don't like you and you get nothing. You can list a property for another client, have open houses, spend $ marketing it and they take it off the market and you get nothing. They say you need to have enough money in the bank to live off of for a year as you don't know when your next sale is. The best realtors thrive on that type of environment, others don't and fall by the wayside.

Pam 1 was lucky to find her property, she is supposed to close on it this week. There are hardly any properties in that price range, under $150,000, now. The market is changing, she got in at the right time, very happy for her!

It's only 99F/38C today and very windy, I have the windows open and the fans going instead of the a/c on, going down to 66F/18C tonight. It is heating up to 108F/45C later in the week, low of 78F/24C, even I will need the a/c on for that.

Oh the organizer of the Mindfulness meetup has asked me to be co-organizer, and I was going to give it up, when she is out of town to run it as her brother doesn't want to. She has put an ad in Tucson Weekly to try and get more attendees so I replied to her email that I would continue and asked her some questions about and gave her some suggestions (which she asked for). So we shall see how it goes for a few more weeks.

Back to reading 'Stalker' by Faye Kellerman. Another good read.

Hope you are having a great start to your week.