The title of a song in War of the Gargantua sung by a dreadful singer. Gargantua grabbed her like King Kong until they turned all the lights on.

So weird how the American doctor and the singer were the only ones whose lips matched the words.

An amusing movie with the dramatic music.

The beasts sure have ugly faces! LOL This one was going for some finger food, pigs, when they turned all these giant lights on it and it ran back in the forest. They lured it out again and blasted it with tanks and automatic weapons which only caught its hair on fire. He is tossing the tanks around like toys. In come the lasers. Now they are trying to nuke it with lasers! Another one to the rescue! A brown one.

I guess the movie will culminate with the mountain gargantua fighting the ocean gargantua. The tension!! Too funny.