birthday! Thanks again for the warm greetings you all gave me, much appreciated.

Got out of bed at 1pm, toddled up to pick up bulk mailing stuff, went to UPS to drop off sandals, went to Frys (still no rice cakes over 2 months later, guess they aren't making them any more) and then to Home Depot and got the shower curtain rod.

It was 106F yesterday, maybe 43C.

I got emails from 6 of my ex coworkers which was nice, thought they forgot about me. My sis sent an e-card, my bro called while I was out at dinner with Pam.

I got to Macayos just before 5:30pm, waited in the foyer for Pam. I gave up at 6pm and went to a table and perused the menu, she showed up 5 minutes later with a birthday card in hand. That really irks me, people being late, it was hard for her to get away from the office, what could I say. We soon fell in to Margaritas and yakking, for 3.5 hours! We have plans to hang more often, we get along great. She puts up with a lot of crap from her BF, she is such a kind, patient person, she deserves better.

I ordered guacamole to go with the Margaritas. Then ordered their green corn chile bites (too spicy hot this time), and a shrimp and bacon pizza (loved it on a thin, really crispy flour tortilla with an usual crust). Pam joined me in the guacamole, bites and got herself Chili Rellanos (stuffed pepper) with beans and soup.

All the food was stone cold quick, we were right under a fan. The Margaritas went to liquid because of the fan also. I shall remember that next time. They were potent as ever, I drank a whole glass of water after I finished the Margarita and food and still didn't feel quite confident in the car.

I called Denise, but she didn't answer.

Got in to work today and Tina had left me a birthday card with a $15 Starbucks card in it. VERY kind of her. That's $50 worth of Starbucks cards I have, will have to go and find out what they have besides coffee.

Quite the excellent 58th birthday!