arrived! I ordered them on the 19th and they arrived on the 20th?!? AMAZING!


the tan strappy ones, I ended up with a 10 and the straps are all floppy, can't adjust tight enough. They don't look so great on either.

the brown casual ones, my right lil toe peeks through the one hole and it gets caught.

I was looking in my shopping Yahoo email account and there was a 'We want you back' email from 'Will 30% off bring you back?' it said.

You betcha! Even though I do not have account with them and don't recall ever buying shoes from them. They are tax free also.

So I found the casual ones, in a lighter color, the next size down, hoping it will contain that errant toe, $25 cheaper.

I couldn't find the strappy one but found a prettier one in tan.

Total bill is $32 cheaper than the Zappos order. Let's hope these sandals fit.

I got on to Zappos website and opened my order, selected the two items to return, printed out the label, packed it up and will drop it off at UPS which is right next to where I am picking up bulk mailing stuff from the realtor and Home Depot where I will get a new shower curtain rod (sick of the other one not staying up) for the guest bathroom.

I LOVE this country!