this morning I came across this:

Jack Jones is an underrated singer (he's been married 7 times) and Shirley is ALWAYS fab! (She's had an interesting personal life, entangled with Peter Finch. Her mother had 6 kids with various fathers, was said to have had a bigamous marriage with Shirley's father, a Nigerian.) I'm having a fab blast from the past day, adding old movies to Netflix and listening to old music.

I've been awake 4 hours and haven't read a word yet, just drifting around the internet and writing. Tis an enjoyable pastime, great for a lazy person... ;-)

Did I mention how I love not working full time? To think all I have to do tomorrow is get up eventually, fetch the bulk mailing stuff from Lisa and then meet Pam 1 for a Margarita and snacks at Macayos a 5:30.

I am also gonna call Denise. Finally heard from her via email. Her feet are really messed up, she is thinking surgery now for her plantar faciitis, it gives her a lot of grief. She also has a lot of bony growth on her toes that can be scraped off surgically and osteoarthris. Sounds very uncomfortable, I don't know how she walks as much as she does, though NOTHING will stop her from shopping!