Gonna waffle on about a bunch of nothing...

When I was in NYC I was looking for a pair of tan sandals, more dressy than casual, for work. I didn't find anything. I have a terrible time finding shoes that are truly comfortable. My right little toe seems to cause a lot of angst, rubbing in enclosed shoes and poking through straps on sandals where it shouldn't. I can try shoes on it the store, they seem fine, take them home and wear them around the house, they seem fine. Then I wear them out and bam, they bug the hell out of me. What's up with that? I try to wear them again and they still bug the hell out of me, wasted money. I have given away many a 'as new' pair of shoes and shoes ain't cheap. Well, I make a point of not buying really cheap shoes as you get what you pay for.

Since I got $100 from Mom & Dad I decided I would look online for a pair of tan sandals. I have used Zappos for a long time. They were the first with free shipping & returns. I have purchased up to 5 pairs at once, try them on at home and return the ones that aren't suitable, they credit you back real fast too. I found these:

I realized recently that I need a lot of straps in a sandal to keep my foot firmly in place. My foot can slide around and it causes friction on the balls of my feet which almost burns. Again, I've given away sandals because of this issue. These might just work. The straps look a lil rough, which can be a problem too, but one of the reviewers says the straps are soft.

While looking I also found these. They are pretty darned ugly, but look incredibly comfortable. Definitely not suitable for work. But for wearing with shorts/jeans, maybe my denim skirt, they could be excellent. I bought both to see how the go, these, my foot might slip inside though, have to see where my little toe lands in them. I love how everything is adjustable.

I hate feet and refuse to have pedicures, I don't have manicures either, but I can't stand the thought of somebody messing with my feet. They are somewhat embarrassing as well as in I have a dermatitis on my feet, nope, not fungal, not athletes foot (no chance of that for this lazy person). I only discovered what it was recently. I get it on my hands occasional too. It is lil itchy blisters, when they pop they ooze and make a mess and they take a while to heal. It can appear anywhere on my feet. This last bunch has turned up along the back of my left heel, curving to the left, around a 2" patch. Very annoying and ugly! When I get to my nurse practitioner again, I shall ask for a cream, spose I could try the steroid cream I have, but it can only be used short term.

Ack, the blowers are at it again, gotta shut the windows and put the a/c on to drown out the annoying noise. They will be at it for hours.

The palm and quail eggs are bothering me. I am not watering the palm, it is looking very bedraggled, I hate starving it to death, but I don't want it there any more. Though it is shading the quail eggs, I doubt if they have a chance, they are probably 'cooking' there, I kinda wish the lizards would get them again, at least they will have died for something.

Washing hands and brushing teeth with Kaiya. This is always a challenge, she LOVES to get in to the water, my own damn fault for starting that. Most times after using the bathroom I will go in to the kitchen to wash my hands just to avoid the tussle with Kaiya trying to get in the water while I am washing my hands in the bathroom sink. She doesn't try it in the kitchen sink, thank goodness. I have to push her away with my arm until I can get the soap down the drain, I'm sure she wouldn't like that taste, then again, it might 'cure' her! ;-) Brushing teeth is a challenge too, have to keep her away with my arm.

Talking about germs after going to the bathroom. Some people are so paranoid about it. I have seen one gal lift her leg up and flush a toilet with her foot as she didn't want to touch the handle. She should do it with the door lock too if you think about it. I mean c'mon, you are spreading the germs yourself anyway, how many pull up their pants one handed I ask myself... How is it that cats can lick their butts and not get sick but we can't, well not lick our butts but not have the germs affect us?

Last night I watched a black and white movie from 1964. Seems to me movies should have been color by then. It was called 'Dead Ringer' with Bette Davis (she was not an attractive woman, was married 4 times, the longest 10 years, wasn't married the last 29 years of her life), Peter Lawford (an Englishman, married 4 times to younger and younger women, his last wife was 17 when he was 61, just before he died. He injured his right arm as a teen and managed to disguise the permanent nerve damage, somewhat dangling arm, in movies.) It also starred Karl Marlden, I thought his nose got big and ugly as he got older, it was big and ugly in this movie. I love to look up facts about people as I am watching TV. It was a very clever movie, the sound track by Andre Previn, was ridiculous, the organ music to portray suspense was so corny!

A great interview with Bette:
This is an interesting clip:

I've added a bunch of her movies to my Netflix queue.

Bing, annoying, Bing! They are running TV commercials for it, it is trying to run over Google. It tries to take over when I do searches on Google sometimes. Not gonna happen! I've been using Google for like 15 years and I like it. I am however curious about new Outlook email. Though I haven't found a personal email that I like better than Yahoo yet.
Go to outlook.com

Making up words. I find as I am ageing that I am making up words as I type. I always have to go back and re-read what I have written several times as I make up all sorts of weird words. Today I typed 'looing' when I wanted to type 'look incredibly'. Strange!

The vegie concoction I made up is excellent. I sprinkled the cumin and caraway seeds in and spooned in some Miracle Whip, instead of making up a salad dressing. I love the smooth texture of the beans. I made enough to graze on for 2-3 days. Lst night a small bowl of it staved off hunger for 3 hours.

Nothing I have to do today but I will get up eventually and vacuum and dust, the place is grotty and I ain't gonna do it on my birthday!