to myself.
This poor lil ring has been languishing in a jewelry box for 27+ years, I decided to let it live again, seeing how it fits me once again. It's not its fault that it doesn't mean anything any more, since the man that bought it for me for $900 in 1974, buzzed off with another. I still like the design, nice 'n simple so it is now residing on my right ring finger.

Yesterday was a great day, I didn't get out the door as early as I wanted to as I wanted to finish a 'Stone Barrington' novel by Stuart Woods. He writes a story where all the people are just dripping in $ as if it is just a normal way of life. Hard for me to imagine, but the tales are always fast moving and exciting. It all takes place in Manhattan, I wish I had of read it before I went. Would love to have checked out Turtle Bay where Stone lives in the book, it is a real place. So I headed straight to the movie theater instead of dropping off my pants at the tailor.

The movie 'Stories We Tell' was excellent. Here is the blurb from The Loft website: In this inspired, genre-twisting new film, Oscar-nominated writer/director/actress Sarah Polley (Away from Her; Take this Waltz) discovers that the truth depends on who's telling it. Polley is both filmmaker and detective as she investigates the secrets kept by a family of storytellers. She playfully interviews and interrogates a cast of characters of varying reliability, eliciting refreshingly candid, yet mostly contradictory, answers to the same questions. As each relates their version of the family mythology, present-day recollections shift into nostalgia-tinged glimpses of their mother, who departed too soon, leaving a trail of unanswered questions. Polley unravels the paradoxes to reveal the essence of family: always complicated, warmly messy and fiercely loving. Part documentary, part personal memoir, Stories We Tell explores the elusive nature of truth and memory, but at its core is a deeply personal film about how our narratives shape and define us as individuals and families, all interconnecting to paint a profound, funny and poignant picture of the larger human story. (Dir. by Sarah Polley, 2013, Canada, 108 mins., Rated PG-13, Roadside Attractions) Digital

Here is my blurb: In the beginning Sarah has 4 siblings, brother and sister that live with their Dad (back in the 60s he won custody of them which was unheard of back then, it made the papers, their mother painted poorly in the press) and a brother and sister that she lived with her mother's 2nd husband. Her mother was extremely free spirited and everybody loved her. She was an actress and her 2nd husband was an English actor she met in a play. He never lived up to his potential as a great playwright, got a conventional job to support the family, she was disappointed he did that.

One year, before Sarah was born, her mother went to Montreal to be in a play. Upon her return she discovered she was pregnant. The brother living at home had overheard her talking on the phone saying she didn't know who the father was. He started a joke that, Sarah, born with red hair, didn't look like her English Dad. After their mother passed away from cancer in her 50s Sarah decided to do a documentary on the search for her real father, she always felt the Englishman was not her father through all the teasing.

Interviewing various family and friends they thought it was one of the 3 actors in the play. She interviewed one, certain he was her Dad, he denied ever having slept with her mother. She ended up connecting with the director of the play and went to meet him to learn more about her mother. After 2 meetings she realized how alike they were and he confessed that he had a long standing affair with her mother and that he is her father, DNA test confirmed it. She told all her siblings but didn't know how to tell her English Dad. He took it remarkably well and he always considered himself not enough for her mother and had told her to find somebody else when she felt that way.

He ended up writing the screenplay for this movie. It was an entirely engrossing tale starring real family and friends but also including created footage of her mother, her lover and other people at different times in their lives, rather than using old home movies, it sure seemed like they were though. Brilliantly fascinating!

I got out of there nearly 2 hours later and went on to Zayna's. I don't know how they make a profit. Their prices are extremely low, i.e. $2-4 a dish lower than other restaurants (I checked some online). The servers I have had the 2 times I have been have been excellent. I was the only one there at 4pm, later 3 college kids came in. I had water to drink, ordered the Baba Ghannouj and Falafels, they were superb. She asked if I wanted Baklava for dessert, they have 3 kinds, pistachio, walnut and cashew. I love that stuff and gave in and got a pistachio Baklava, only $1.99! It was superb, love that dripping honey that squelches in your teeth.

From there I went to find a car wash and ended up driving right past it, I gave up and went to library to wait for the 'Mindfulness' meetup to start. It was cool in there, I brought my Nook so read until they got there. There were only 4 of us. The organizer that lives in Virginia, Michelle, who flies over frequently to look after her brother, James, in a wheelchair, and a new gal, Jeanie. We all read a few paragraphs from 'The Untethered Soul', one of my fav books on the matter. The meetup is only an hour, Michelle, spends 10 minutes reading the rules which is annoying. We have a short discussion about what we have read and then do a 10 min. meditation. Something about it really bothers me, the organization is not good, we need more people. It is 45 mins from home, that's 1.5 hours driving for 1 hour of disorganized meetup. Not sure if I want to continue going or not.

The sun was going down, it was cold in the library, glad I wore a jacket and took a shawl, when I came out I said it felt like the heat was hugging me, felt soooo GOOD! They loved that expression. I drove home with all the car windows open, heavenly. Today I read in bed until noon, haven't got my meditation/body movement act together again yet. Then off to drop the pants off (she refused to charge me another $10, so she has my business for life), get the car washed and put the Aussie and American checks in the bank, both with Summer instead of Susan on them. I distracted the teller, she didn't notice AND didn't notice that one was an Aussie check and gave me the whole $100 in my account. I know they are going to debit me a charge on that somewhere down the line.

I had emailed the realtor gal asking if she had any mailing stuff for me to pick up, she hadn't answered by the time I left so I didn't go to her office. She replied just when I got home, that it won't be ready until Friday, no worries. I'm finally going to make up the Quinoa, vegie mixture for dinner, see how that turns out.

I took these two pics of Kokee while he was sitting on me, he is such the sweetest lil guy. I talked goo goo to him and he reveled in it, putting his paw up to touch my face, manipulating to get good scratches. He put his nose on the lens so you can see some marks on it, tried to wipe them off. The 2nd is a 'fish eye' photo. Just for fun!