My thoughts last evening were that I was going to get up about 10am, perform ablutions, eat, drop of pants for hemming (again, they dragged on the ground in NYC), get car washed, have lunch, then go to the movies.

Then when I checked email this morning there was a reminder about the Mindfulness Meetup at 6pm way over on the other side of town. Sooooo I'm turning the order of my day upside down, well mostly, still need to perform ablutions first, then drop off the pants for hemming, go to the movies, get the car washed and have an early dinner then on to the Meetup. Maybe that is inside out not upside down...

I was thinking I would go to May's Counter for Tatchos, but no, I think I will go to Zayna's for Baba Ghannuj and Felafels, for $10 including tip.

My early birthday present from Mom & Dad is 2 birthday cards (one with 2 old folks naked riding a tandem bike, Mom told me to imagine it was them, no thanks! LOL) and a check for $100. Wowsa! How generous of them. It is an Australian check, unfortunately it is going to cost $25 to cash it and they put it in my nickname so I will be lucky to be able to cash it. I told Mom Summer is just a nickname, not my legal name. It would take a lotta $ and time to change it legally. Hopefully the bank will be kind and cash it for me. Now what do I REALLY want? This is for something I want rather than something I need, seeing how it is for my birthday. ;-)

It's a beautiful cool morning at 71F/20C, I had opened the windows last night after the sun went down, it was 102F about 4pm, left them open all night, twas pleasant sleeping. 10 day forecast, 103F, 103F, 103F, 103F, 103F, 102F, 102F, 101F, 104F, 104F, right on average!

There are another dozen or so quail eggs in the front pot with the palm in it. VERY late in the season, the other chicks are growing fast. They are in such a position as to be 'drowned' if I water the palm, not to mention it is so hot there they will probably cook. I did see a largeish lizard there the other day, probably what got in to the last lot. I was planning on letting the palm die anyway so something softer can be put in the pot. Nothing should be in a pot on the west side, needs to be watered everyday. But Virginia is trying to hide the meter, the thing is the meter reader needs to read it with binoculars, so they don't want it hidden. If they need to access it they get cut up by the sharp fronds.