in Bris-Vegas (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia).

He wrote:
We is home but big dramas, the gold earrings bought in NYC at Macys for $450 disappeared so did the silver ones we took with us don’t know if they were stolen from room or left behind. Also lost the house keys had to get a locksmith to break in when we got home another $170, then I call my sister Diane she told me she had been diagnosed with breast cancer that morning. Denise's foot was really swollen and shes seeing the doctor today, I have to go back to Chile tomorrow morning.

I replied: So sorry to hear about Diane, I hope she sails through to recovery swiftly.
Let me know how D'Neesha's foot is. Oh, owie. The other stuff, is just stuff... Safe journey to Chile!

I also suggested that they come here to Tucson for a couple of weeks next Spring or Fall or the follow Spring. We can have a relaxing time going to a few sites such as the observatory, the airplane cemetery (museum), they can borrow my car while I am at work, they have a nice big bedroom and bathroom to themselves. I promise not to make them any meals (Robert never likes what I make), we can dine out, eat finger food, BBQ. Maybe a couple of nights up in Sedona....