On Sunday, there was a brand new agent on floor duty. She got her license in May and this was her first time on the floor. I warned her it would be an extremely quiet day, perhaps rivaling Mothers Day.

During our conversation we were talking about 'Selling New York' and 'Selling LA' TV shows and then I said what I felt about 'House Hunters' now, full of spoilt gals that have to have their SS appliances and granite counter tops in their first homes. She went silent. Oops! Did I deposit my foot in mouth? Was she 'that type'?

I will never know. The phone rang, a lady in CA moving to Tucson with her husband wanting to view some homes in Tucson next week. I put it through to Jennifer. She handled it pretty well. Lots of 'OK', 'OK', comparing her to a true professional Marshall who makes clients feel they are so special, she will get the hang of it. She is a really, sweet young thing with a 10 month old baby, finally doing what she has wanted to do for a few years.

I heard her make a date for 10am on Friday for them to come to the office and she will have some homes to tour and in the meantime will research properties on the market and will consult with colleagues about properties coming on the market and email them to them, in the $500-$800,000 range! BINGO! I made a booking for her in the small conference for 10am on Friday morning, wished her luck and said I want to know how she goes. She was replace on the floor 5 mins. later so EXCITED! It was a joy to see.

You know how I said I just needed a 2 day a week job on flexible days during the week and I would be set? Well I'll be damned if there wasn't an add for 12-15 hours a week, flexible days, being a secretary to a professional advertised on craigslist.com. I've replied saying how perfect I would be for the role and how perfect it would be for me to supplement my other 3 PT jobs. I'll let you know when I get the job... ;-)

This is the 6th day of my low grade, annoying head pain. Definitely gut related, only get relief when I eat and about a half hour afterwards. Don't know what causes it, but usually starts when I haven't eaten at the exact time my body needs me to, there must be other chemistry factors that compound it. I used to get the pain monthly, I didn't have it for a few years, but it has creeped back and this is the longest stretch I have had. So I will be making that healthy food concoction to graze on and see if that helps.

Make it a great day.