I'm gonna gel my hair differently today, get all the top longer hair sticking up in different directions. I doubt there will be anybody in the office besides me and the floor agent as it is Father's Day. Mother's Day was the quietest day I have worked there, let's see if Father's Day beats it.

Yesterday was very quiet people wise, though both floor agents (3.5 hours each at the front desk in case there is a walk-in or cold calls about properties) turned up, that is unusual. I had a good chat with both, nice folks. I showed Steve pics of my do, he was very diplomatic but didn't like it, he settled on where it would be appropriate, like L.A. or NYC, not here and not on me (too old). LOL

I think there were 4 phone calls, one hang up, 'Asset something or other' calls and hangs up at least once a day so I just pick up the hand set and set it back down. During the week they call 3 or 4 times a day, at least half of the calls are hang ups and recorded messages, very frustrating, such a waste of breath 'Good Morning. Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage' for nothing.

I did have enough work for the whole 7 hours though, though I delayed stapling docs for Sales packets for today. Ended up writing a long email to a friend in Texas. She used to work in the office in Herndon, VA. She joined just after me at the tender age of 23. Sheesh, she is over 30 now. She still talks in a babyish voice now and again. She has moved on to another team, great for her! Her husband is unemployed, so if they were wanting babies, they are probably delaying it until he gets a job.

Today's work day is only 6 hours, I shall staple the docs for the packets, record and approve my time, check the Homebase email for any docs to move in to property folders in Homebase (part of the paperless office idea, though folks have to sign their names to paper docs that I put in the packets and they are uploaded, some offices send the docs electronically, you sign in to a specific site and you sign everything electronically, truly paperless). Then I shall sort my NYC photos and do a blurb, sis is bugging me for them. Of course I shall help any agent that needs it but I expect it to be very quiet.

Tomorrow is a lie in until noon and the another trip to Trader Joes, or maybe Sprouts, for the vegies for the quinoa concoction. Sprouts has had rotting fruit too many times, kinda turn me off them, supposed to be a Farmers Market type store, fresh and local where possible, fruit and vege. A big pile of black and rotting/shriveling avocadoes is not nice presentation. Nothing to do Tuesday, might go to the pool. Wednesday I pick up another load of stuff for a bulk mailing, I won't promise it until the following Tuesday if it is another 400+ set, need to spread it out more, it is quite physical work on the upper body and repetitive can cause pain. I got $96 for the last lot, she pays GREAT $! Tax free too.

I hope I hear from the Wellness Center about available shifts, though I think all of us per diems will jump on them. I guess she meant 3-5 days per month to be divided between 6 per diems, which could mean no shifts, which is what I have gotten in the last month. Next year I shall get another part time job, 2 full days per week flexible days, would be ideal.

Back to reading for 45 mins. before I get ready and toddle off to 'work'. ;-)

Oh and I am surprised I didn't hear from Denise & Robert before they left Canada. They had 3 days to themselves in Montreal before leaving yesterday to go home. I know they weren't enjoying the long sits on buses and trains amongst some obnoxious Aussies...