officially stifling! It may get down in the 70s overnight but there is not a breath of wind so there is no point in opening the windows. The desert is shriveling up, the cactus are starved for moisture. I wake up with a dehydration headache. The 105F day I left the a/c off I drank around 130 ozs. of water, I'm not silly. ;-) I have to wear socks, the a/c chills my feet, it is set at 87F and comes on a few times per hour.

The temp is consistently over 100F/38C in June, average is 103F in late June/early July. We are hovering around 104/105. I have heard folks saying they are looking forward to the monsoon. At least a breeze comes with the moisture so I will be opening the protected windows on the west side to get a breeze in the house.

You know I crack up at the use of the word monsoon here. To me, India has monsoons where they average 26.8" of rain in the month of July, 23.3" in June, 19.2" in August and 12.10" in September. Now THAT'S a monsoon! We average 2.13" in July and 2.34" in August, paltry in comparison, I guess the weather pattern is monsoonal but the rainfall certainly isn't.

Yep, I put some lbs. on in NYC, the first week home I lost 3 of them easily. There are more to lose. I read an article on the 33 super foods for weight loss, things like salmon, berries, quinoa, lentils, bananas, avocados (yep avocados have good fat that fills you up, greek yogurt, artichokes, oats etc. Here is the article if you want to see them all.

I get hungry so easily and if I don't eat fast enough I get my gut ache/headache reaction. So I am going to steam up some quinoa, thrown in some cucs, mushrooms, white & black & kidney beans, chick peas, cauli, spinach and avocado with a creamy dressing made of LF mayo & NF yogurt with cumin and caraway seeds for exotic flavor, perhaps some lime juice too and eat a few spoonfuls whenever I get hungry. I will get some berries, unsweetened almond milk, to add to the refrigerator oatmeal I have been eating on the mornings that I work.

Now for some reading, some bacon 'n eggs, finish up the letter stuffing, then off to Trader Joes for the ingredients.