I woke early as usual, didn't want to eat much before going to lunch with Shelley. So I drank my 24 ozs. of water with my supplements as per usual which can stave the hunger for a while, then I ate some Greek yogurt with some of Kathy's peach preserves in it when I just had to eat.

I ended up feeling not well, headache, gut ache and bad mood before I went to the restaurant, a half hour later, Shelley called and she was running late. She was particularly obnoxious today, I had to bite my tongue, talking about how much she hates Tucson and the heat and how her life would have been so different if she hadn't met her current husband, she would have gone to law school. I personally don't see the point of regrets, I just said, you don't know how your life would have turned out, good or bad.

I ordered the Southern Lemonade before she came in and I got it 15 mins. later. I'm never impressed with slow service. The waitress wasn't the most friendly person, asked if we needed more time for the menu when Shelley had only just sat down and she saw that. Of course we needed more time.

Anyway, I ordered my shrimp 'n grit's assuming it came with 2 sides as the menu said, but apparently there was an asterisk with a note at the bottom that said the $15 meal did not come with sides. The most expensive item on the menu did not come with sides. She said 'You can order sides.', I told her 'I cannot afford them.' She said it was a large meal. There was lots of grits spread all over the dinner sized plate but only 6 shrimp! Small shrimp. Not impressed with that and they tasted too fishy and were tough. I was not in the mood to complain, I should have.

The lunch didn't last as long as usual, just as well, my stomach and head got worse, I just wanted to get home, was going to get a haircut, but couldn't. I came home and fell asleep for 2 hours. I still don't feel right. Don't feel like stamping and putting on labels, but I will do it a bit later, should only take an hour or two. Shelley is surprised the gal is paying me by the hour, not the piece, and that she is paying so much.

Anyway, I hope I feel better tomorrow...